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Gwen day!

We learned in science class that energy’s 100% evenly present in all places, at all times. Energy can’t be created nor destroyed.  It simply changes form.💯

Knowing the lawful process of energy, I can use this to my advantage.

Many of you are struggling to “BE TRUE” to your inner self.  Maybe you are going about it backwards.😵

Most people, when they want something new, start formulating a plan from what they’ve experienced UP UNTIL NOW. 

The problem is those past experiences can only get you to where you are and are woefully inadequate to propel you at any speed or realization to your future.

This is why most people fail with diets, getting wealthy or even gender experiences.  They are thinking from what got them to this point.

Maybe, you can try it this way.  

Start from your future and work backwards.  Use your future to PULL you FORWARD rather than your past PUSHING you FORWARD.

Let me explain…

I can, in this very moment, close my eyes and I can go forward in time and I can see myself as Gwen.  I can picture how I want her to look, act and be like. 

My subconscious MUST accept it even though it hasn’t turned into physical form… yet.

Our subconscious mind has no ability to reject ideas and experiences, regardless if it’s real or imagined.   

I can close my eyes, and I can see myself as Gwen. 

I can feel that feelings, what would she feel like to me? 

What would it feel like for me to confident?

What would it feel like to be sophisticated, sexy, strong? How would I feel?

What would she look like? 

I can go to a future state as Gwen and I can anchor that in me. Then I can come back into the full presence of awareness of this life and I can claim my TRUTH, because even though she may not be yet manifest in physical form, the spark of thought is one part of creating anything.  It starts there before it becomes physical.

Everything you see, a table, a dress, a camera, a smartphone or computer, everything has an ancestry of thought. Meaning someone THOUGH of it FIRST.

Everything is created twice, first in the mind of an individual, then to the physical plane. It is a lawful process. It is not hocus pocus. 

Try it.  Think from your FUTURE TRUTH and PULL yourself towards it.  Then anchor it in the mind of thought, followed by giving BIRTH to your beautiful self.

You are not a SCAM. 👈

Your TRUTH is not a SCAM.  👈

You are not a FRAUD. 👈

Be Strong. 💪

Gwen Patrone 



2 Responses

  1. Gwen,
    While it’s frowned on to project onto others you’re suggesting we project ourselves ? I can now see in hindsight it’s exactly what I did when I separted from my wife and set up a new home . I had to project and image or idea of how my life would change if I lived as Teresa . How did I see myself , how did I want to other people to see me as and how was I going to achieve it ? Going from a maily closetted CDer to full time transgender was both exciting and scary .There so many doubts because of the lack of acceptance from my wife , building self belief is/was the hardest part , making everyday things happen isn’t always straightforward , it’s all too easy to backpedal , I set myself certain rules . No matter what the day holds my regime remains the same , a full full body shave everyday , never miss basic makeup and dress appropriately for the requiements of the day . I feel these basic rules have helped me succeed with my initial projection , I have 99.9% acceptance ( we can never say 100%) from my nighbours , my family and friends with social groups , both trans and otherwise .

    Now to dig my school physics book out and get my head round the ” energy ” question . I admit the the concept of energy too some understanding as a schoolchild . Lets now pose the question , when I go shopping and feel exhausted where has all my energy gone ?

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