Working Girl

Let's go back in the wayback machine and enjoy this Dee classic!!

Dee has been gracious enough to share herself with us for quite a while now. There is a treasure-trove of Dee wisdom I am migrating over to the new and improved Kandi’s Land and this is one of those. Let’s see what our Melanie Griffith, I mean Dee, was up to this time!

After a recent bike ride (my most regular activity in recent weeks) I drove past my friend Michelle’s salon. Seeing her car, I stopped to say hi. The salon has been closed, but she is in the process of expanding so she has been working on the fit out. With her were an added bonus, her two daughters, Cecilia and Mila, who I had met previously.

Michelle told me she had to take her car to the dealer the following morning, so I offered to pick her up at the dealer and take her to the salon, and then stick around to do some work to get things ready for re-opening. We agreed on a time and I left.

The following morning Michelle texted me to say she didn’t need a ride from the dealer, but she would be there around 10, and she had a small surprise for me. I always like surprises. I also had a surprise for her. I planned on getting dressed, wearing a new summer dress I had bought in Australia with my new Red Keds.

Only one problem. My son was up and I’d have to walk by him to leave the house. I figured he wouldn’t notice my makeup (sans lipstick), and I could hide the dress (and padded bra) under a t-shirt, hoodie, and shorts. Carrying my purse, wig, and Keds in a gym bag, I walked past him and headed to my car in our garage.

In the car I put on my wig, added my jewelry, and last (but never least) lipstick. It was all a rush job, but the only person who was going to see me was Michelle, so I wasn’t too concerned. I also wore a cardigan (sweater for us Yanks) that I had also bought in Australia. 

Michelle was happy to see me dressed and loved my outfit. She also complimented me on my new skinnier self–and then put me to work.

I didn’t want to get the dress dirty, but I did want to stay dressed, so I changed into a top and shorts. I don’t wear shorts often, because the ones I have are short, so they show my white upper thighs and tan lines, which is not the greatest look. But Michelle liked the shorts, and at one point admitted (red faced) that she was staring at my butt (and I will take that as a compliment).

We cleaned, I scraped paint off floors (did you know that wooden cuticle sticks work great at removing paint drops on floors?), ran the Shop-Vac, and put together a Manicure table that was delivered around mid-day. We also had a chance to talk, and having been more or less in isolation the last two months, that was great too.

Michelle’s surprise? She gave me a face mask with her salon’s logo!

So I was a working girl for a day, which I enjoyed, and helped Michelle out, which she greatly appreciated. I can’t wait until I get something (girly) done at the salon again!

Just so you all know, I am damn proud of the ladies that write for us week after week, shining a light on what it’s really like out there for us. Thanks Dee!!


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