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Getting Out, Avoiding The Plague

Making the best of circumstances.

As I have continued testing negative and nothing could be done for my wife as we simply had to wait out the clock, I got out. I got out because these were wonderful events. I got out, with my wife’s encouragement, simply to be out of the house.

On May 17, 2022 the International Live Events Association held a networking event. I am not a member, but have an interest in working in the industry.

The event was held at a craft brewery in Cleveland’s Flats on a glorious weather day! I meet many people in many of the activities I engage in. However, as I have discussed here, most of those connections fade away for many reasons. But I honestly believe I may have made some real connections. Only time will tell. I had a wonderful time and felt not only welcomed, but on some level some one of interest to others.

Prior to the event, as usual, I did a little photo shoot.

The following day, May 18, 2022, I worked as the primary greeter for The Arthritis Association’s Silver Spoons event, highlighting the best restaurants in Cleveland.

We had not held a live event in two years and it was so great so see familiar faces, friends, again! Just another situation of me at a large event, just being one of the other woman there. Complimenting each other on our dresses, giggling with a few friends, and again, being noticed positively for who I am.

The weather this day was awful, so any plans for a photo shoot downtown were dashed. Here are the home photos I take every time out. It was again nice to briefly escape COVID, but still be weighed down by its effects on my wife. Remind me, when does life get easy?

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4 Responses

  1. Kandi, both dresses are lovely, though I am partial to the second one. The shoes from the first day are very cute with the bows! I’m glad to see your smile even though I know you were concerned about your wife.

    1. I am smiling because this is my escape. If I couldn’t enjoy dressing for whatever reason, I simply would not do it. Thanks T, I love those shoes myself!

  2. I agree with Tina two very lovely dresses
    I am partial to the first one
    Praying for your wife, this virus really is a pain in the you know what
    I’m blessed to have avoided it but know many who did not
    Blessings to you and your wife

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