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What a Lovely Suntan!

We have another new friend with a story to share!

By Teresa H.

This story goes back several weeks when I needed to buy some more foundation . For the last four years I’ve been using one from Boots No7 range but I was in for a shock as they had decided to discontinue the range .

Not only had my shade totally disappeared but the new range was far more liquid and had lost it’s covering power . I was surprised how much this knocked my confidence as I wear makeup every day. Perhaps it wasn’t all bad news as it made me check out other manufactures and gave me a chance to experiment with my foundation colour. Eventually a lovely sales girl in Superdrug finally suggested I mix two shades together taking care to get the proportions right .

So now we can fast forward to a couple of weeks ago . I recently joined a national association which is a charity supporting the care and upkeep of our UK heritage . My local group has had some very interesting meetings with excellent speakers, one recently was a retired linesman and umpire from Wimbledon. Half way through he revealed the well known picture of the young female tennis player, it’s a rear view of her scratching her rear end but not wearing any underwear. The picture wasn’t taken at Wimbledon . After his talk I approached him to ask as an umpire how would have dealt with the situation knowing Wimbledon does have a strict dress code. He chuckled and replied he’d never been asked that before, so I suggested something along the lines of, ” Excuse me my dear, do you think you’ve forgotten something ? ”

He thought that was great and then gazed at me for a few minutes and  asked, ” Where did you get the lovely suntan ? ” OH SUGAR ! I’d obviously got my foundation mix wrong , what could I say ? Eventually I replied that I do a lot of gardening, luckily someone else came to ask him a question, I politely thanked him and left .

I had to find out how bad it was so I explained what had happened and why to a lady in the group I’ve come to know well, she assured me my makeup was fine then she touched my arm and said it always looks fine, I thanked her gratefully.

In the past few weeks, we have heard new voices! Sabrina, Lisa Wilson and Teresa. We also get regular contributions from the UK (Amanda and Teresa today) and Canada (Jocelyn). I hope these ladies will continue contributing and invite anyone who wishes to share with us to please do so!


8 Responses

  1. Nice to see Teresa again as she was a lady I remember from CD. Com site
    She’s a lovely lady with many great stories of being a Tgirl
    Look forward to hearing more

    1. Rachael,
      Thanks for you kind words , the forum is a long story . I admit I did have a rollercoaster ride , some good stories and some not so good but then that’s par for the course when you’re transgender . Thankfully now life is good .
      I recall you had a tough time , I hope your life is improving .

      1. Yes I did have a tough time, but yes things are better
        I never did transition but live more fluid now still do things in male mode for family reasons
        But all is good
        Thanks for asking

  2. Teresa, great story! Not sure what the late great Dan Maskell (UK tennis commentator) would said about the prospect of girls playing ‘commando’ in the spiritual home of tennis, though. His usual ‘Oh, I say’ doesn’t really seem to fit here!

    Lovely photo too – you’ve really put together a fantastic look.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Apparently the girl was a design student from Birmingham university her boyfriend took the picture and published it making money for himself but she never received a bean .
      Thanks for the compliment , the picture was taken before a friend’s bithday lunch at a local hotel , I have put a few pounds on but the dress still fits but with slightly less breathing space . I had a gold coloured jacket to go with it . There is an amusing story about that , I bought it from a charity shop but it was too big . At that time ( before covid restrictions ) I had alterations made at a small craft/sewing shop , the owner ran a sewing group , after a couple of visits the group kept asking me to join them but the problem was I didn’t have a sewing machine . This was quickly sorted by a lady saying she had a Brother to sell , so I asked would he mind being sold ? Soon after I took the jacket in to ask if the owner would alter it for me , she said no you have the machine now learn to use it , all I will do is pin it up for you . It wasn’t lined so it didn’t prove too hard to alter , I took it back to show her , she said she couildn’t give me 10 out of 10 but possibly an 8 . If it wasn’t for Covid she wouldn’t have closed her business and I might have been enjoying sewing lessons .

  3. Teresa,
    Not having heard from you on recently, I was a bit concerned about you. It’s good to hear from you. You look great.

    1. Grace ,
      Long story about the forum so it was really nice to be invited by Kandi to be a contibutor here . I hope I can make new friends and share thoughts and experiences with you all .

      Lokking good ! I guess with practice we get better at papering over the cracks !

    2. Hi Grace,
      The forum is a long story but it was really nice to be invited by Kandi to contribute here . I hope I can make new friends and share thoughts and experiences .
      Many thanks for your comment , I guess looking good we just get better at papering over the cracks .

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