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Wedding Bells

You know how we all look at the dresses the ladies wear at weddings? This day, I was one of them!

I recently mentioned in my Fathers’ Day post that our pastor invited anyone from our church to his daughter’s wedding.

July 1, 2023 was the day!

I am so pleased that this dress looked amazing and it is a size 6! The silver shoes, the silver clutch and silver and pearl accessories were all spot on! My makeup was just right as well.

As you well know, ladies like to look good at weddings. The church was packed and I can proudly state, I was one of the better looking women there! There is a power, a high, walking into a place like that and knowing you look fabulous! Knowing you are being positively noticed.

I sat on the aisle and as our pastor and his wife (with whom I am also a friend) walked their daughter up the aisle. They had been “backstage” as the church filled up and when they came out, she (pastor’s wife) was blown away by the full church. I was near the back and she was acknowledging a few people with nods and smiles as they started down the aisle and then she saw me. She gently put her hand on my arm as she walked by and that was all I needed to start the waterworks!

The ceremony was beautiful! I never felt more right in a circumstance in my life (I always feel “right” with my wife and children). I was meant to be at that church, I was meant to be in that dress, I was me. I got quite a few compliments on this day. From “you are really wearing that dress!” to numerous folks telling me they loved my dress to my walking into a restaurant afterward for dinner and a woman seated outdoors saying I looked so pretty! Royal blue is definitely my friend!

Here is the best I could do to take shots at the wedding (champaign social afterward) and at the restaurant.

I am truly blessed to be a part of this church and to have such great friends! I remain a sucker for weddings!

This will be the last Kandi adventure post for a while. No, I am not hanging up my heels, life is just taking over. I am working more in my truck as our customer is in process of a four month+ move, which is providing much needed overtime, which in turn is being sucked up by necessary truck repairs (when you’ve driven over a half a million miles, wear and tear adds up to safety issues). My apparel line is starting to get real traction and I am attending our national sales meeting in Tennessee next week. I have added an additional apparel line and am in discussions on a baseball line. I now pretty much work seven days a week. I’m not working in a coal mine, so I have nothing to complain about and the apparel business is the first job in my rather lengthy life that I actual love. And oh yeah, I have to keep things up here and am always seeking ways to have this place pay for itself.
That said, I have identified about 10 high end events I will be attending and/or participating in between now and about mid-September. It will have been 13 days between Kandi days. My wife even remarked that Kandi hasn’t gotten out lately. The day this post runs, I will break this streak! It is a much needed “me” day with a large annual meeting of the Cleveland Foundation (large philanthropic organization) at the home of the Cleveland Orchestra.


13 Responses

  1. What a wonderful day – and yes, you looked just fabulous!! (It really IS your color.) We all look forward to the next adventure.

  2. See you ’round the bend someday soon, Kandi!

    Stay well!!

    Let’s soon talk about boots with Cali.

    This will be an expansion of my wardrobe getting ready for my first ever winter season.


    Gigi C

  3. What impressed me the most in your story was the gesture by the pastor’s wife. Her making a conscious effort to reach out and touch your arm is truly VALIDATING!



    1. I wish I could properly explain that church. I am so valued there, I walk in (I cannot make it frequently, maybe once a month) and it’s literally one hug after another. John (pastor) always acknowledges me and comes over to chat and DeAnne (his wife) always wraps me in a hug after services and we talking competitive running. I used to be competitive, but that’s another story…. Thanks Micki!!

  4. Yes blue is your color but you really look fabulous in most anything
    I too will be in Tenn toward the end of the month. My son and family live there
    Hugs to you Rach

  5. I have to agree with all the other girls Kandi . You looked amazing. The blue is beautiful and you always do a great job with your accessories. I’m happy for you that you have a place where you are so loved and respected. I have a dream to be a bridesmaid at a friends wedding. We will miss you for a short while, please take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing your next adventure. Much love to you and all the girls here 🥰

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