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This Made Me So Very Happy

Some summer fun and a look back!

Summer weather, even though it isn’t yet summer. May 11, 2022, a post-event Happy Hour gathering with the fundraising team from The Cleveland International Film Festival! Forgive me if I misquote anything here (I am doing this from my fading memory), we raised approximately $88,000 for the festival. Our goal, set without any idea how patrons would respond after the two year COVID shutdown and our move to Playhouse Square, was $100,000. But we averaged more per live attendee than ever (and yes, some of the donations were online and many attendees remains virtual through the streaming festival). Almost 4X the amount!

So it was well into the 80’s temperature-wise, so this gal went cold shoulder, short skirt, sun hat and all cute and went about her day.

So there she is as she walked around a mall for quite a while before meeting her teammates at a great spot right on the river in Cleveland’s Flats. Not much more of a story, but again, getting out there. Being the woman I was born to be. Being smart, appropriate (and cute to boot!), supremely confident and highly visible.


I could not have been prouder to be in these awesome photographs with a few of my Vanity Club sisters at Keystone. If you hadn’t already figured it out, the theme……fur! And my fur was, shall we say, the least of the furs!

I will shut up and allow the photos to speak for themselves.

Also, here is a dinner photo we took (seems we take a lot of pictures!).

And finally, the Keystone VC group photo!


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  1. Some lovely photos of luscious ladies. I don’t know how tall you are but in the photos with the 7 girls you are much the same height as the other girls. In fact, the beauty on the right is taller than you.

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