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Travelogue: New York, Day Two Dinner

The end of a day of great fun!

Lena, Danae and I went out that evening for dinner, still continuing our February 11, 2022 adventures! We had dinner at a great Italian restaurant and of course, took some photos in the flagship Macy’s. Again, the story is the pictures.

This photo pleases me soooo much!!

Next week, the fashion shows!


12 Responses

  1. Hello gorgeous indeed, Kandi, you look great in the (faux) leather pants and boots. The three of you are having so much fun in NYC, I can tell by your smiles in that picture. Now the work (and a different kind of fun) of the fashion shows begins!

  2. HELLO GORGEOUS, 🥰, I just had to start with that Kandi. I loved all the photos. You did look gorgeous in them all especially the one with your dinner companions. It just struck a chord with me for some reason. Take care my dear friend.

    Trish 💖💋

      1. Kandi,
        It should be fun. It has been so long since I have worn a skirt.

        I can hardly wait. The weather and roads look acceptable.


  3. Hello Kandi,
    I recently found your blog. I am a crossdresser too and like to go out and about enfemme. No desire to go further. It seems, that you had a lot of fun on this excursion. You show a nice smile and your leather trousers are gorgeous.
    Greetings from Austria.
    Have a good time too and all the best

    1. Vi, Thank you so much sweetheart!! Please come back and join our community. Nothing but love, support and plenty of smiles here.

      So proud to have an Austrian reader!!

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