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Travelogue – New York, Day Three, Kandi’s Land Hits The Big Apple!

This girl gets her time on the runway!

One thing I want everyone to understand, very, very few fortunate models make a living at this and very few get paid. Many of the girls were there to gain experience. I was there for the experience. And it was not cheap! Please know the realities of everything and know what went into the photos you will not see.

Outfit number one, this lovely formal gown!

Outfit number two, this fabulous cocktail dress!

Outfits number three and four, a spectacular gown and yes, a one-piece. Yes, I walked swimwear!

Finally, I also walked lingerie, this wonderful little teddy and the fantastic robe!

Our participation in the show ended about 4:45PM and we need to get a good mile away for another show that started at 4:00. Uh oh……..


6 Responses

  1. Wow !!! Kandi you look amazing darling… Divine dahhhling. Love all your photos. My appreciation to all the models also this is expensive clothes, makeup, airfare, and time. It’s not cheap to be a girl . But it’s soooooo fun.

  2. Yet more lovely pictures Kandi, which are a pleasure to see.
    The blue evening gown is to die for, but I think the best photo is the one in which you are wearing the cocktail dress and have your arms spread wide on the catwalk.
    Penny from Edinburgh.

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