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Travelogue – Keystone Day One

A bit of a pall over the beginning of a wonderful adventure. Never take anything in life for granted.

Time to go to the Keystone Conference! But first, on March 23, 2022, I had a few things to attend to. Get up early and get one of my two runs for the week out of the way. Seven miles in a cold, soaking rain….. Then I had a physical scheduled for 10:00 before driving to Harrisburg.

It was a bittersweet day. I have the best doctor a girl could ever have! This is how I generally visit the doctor. When she entered the room, she gushed over my outfit and how I had put myself together. Then she proceeded to tell me she wanted some wig advice from me because she was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Choked me up, she is such a great, great person.

We sat and talked like two women would for quite a while. We talked about the need to be positive in one’s life and she went on to tell me that when she saw I was on her schedule for the day, she was excited. If I complain about anything, please smack me upside the head. These are real problems. To have a doctor like this, to have a friend like this, to have an ease of self around this person, all gifts from above.

Then I proceeded to head to Keystone on what can only be described (no complaining….) as a dreary drive.

It was a three outfit day, my travel outfit above, dinner outfit and post-game cocktail outfit.

I saw friends, made new ones, met different people and really felt wonderful! No real great story for the day, just my continued blessings to be associated with world class people.

What is in store for Day Two?


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  1. Wow, the story about your doctor is just precious and I love how you could connect with her and how she felt at ease speaking to you in such a personal way.
    It almost makes me cry.
    Love the outfit and hope your time there will be well spent
    Hugs Rachael

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