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Travelogue: Keystone Conference 2023 – Day One

What do four Manhattans and a bottle of wine have in common? Day one at Keystone, that's what!

Ohio (home), March 22, 2003

Damn, that alarm went off early! Time to get up, workout, get dressed, finish packing, load the car and head off on my five hour trek to what I expect will be an amazing few days. I will see old real world friends, meet existing virtual friends and Kandi’s Land readers, and hopefully make some new ones.

The Sunday prior I spent a couple of hours doing the packing. I warned my wife, despite the fact that it looks like I am moving out of the house, she cannot get rid of me that easily. I am very good at one thing, logistics. That means figuring out how to execute a plan, any plan. I do know one thing about myself, I want to present myself well. That means a lot of stuff, which is why I will probably never fly to an event unless it is one for a day or so. Eight planned outfits were packed, one emergency one in case something goes wrong, one very casual one in case I wish to dress down at the end of an evening, my workout gear (for me, a day doesn’t exist without a workout, it takes priority ahead of Kandi and right behind making a living) and a driving home bag, my only male clothing.

While I drive to Harrisburg, let’s do a little shopping! You will see a couple of recent Amazon purchases on the upcoming Travelogue posts.

Harrisburg, PA, same day

Okay, if I met you, talked to you and I forget to mention it here PLEASE forgive me. One, my memory sucks. Two, especially on this day, let’s just say I consumed quite a few libations…..

The now traditional photo in front of all my crap. And I had to hand carry all that stuff from the parking garage to my room. Now my arm hurts… We suffer for our beauty!

Any trip started this way has to be a great one, right? I am not articulate enough to tell you how many amazing human beings I was blessed with the ability to spend a few minutes with, meet them, chat with them. Cristy is a much better human being than she is beautiful and she is quite beautiful. My roomie, Sammy, I love you my sis! Gina, what can I say? I met and/or saw so many readers and friends, Fiona, Gwen (not that Gwen), Gwen (that Gwen), Johnna (you are a doll, girl!), our beloved Alexandra, Kris, Susan and now my alcohol soaked memory escapes me….

See that picture that is up top of this post? Pretty (forgive the French here) fucking awesome! We simply kept accumulating girls to join us like a snowball rolling downhill. I commandeered a local eatery and an amazing time was born! Here are a few photos of the “snowball” of ladies that joined us!

Well, that’s about all that I can remember. I wrote this two days later so I am happy I could even remember my name. The next day was a transformative type of day for me. But you’ll have to wait until the next post for that.


10 Responses

  1. Since there were those whose names you couldn’t remember, I was wondering if it might help if you kept a small notebook on a chain around your neck, or an elasticized chord around your wrist, kind of like a dance card. You could have those that you meet, both old friends and new, write a note and, perhaps, something about a special memory that they have of the event in general, and you in particular. I think that it would be something like the autograph books that people once kept, not for celebrities, but for friends and acquaintances, who came to visit them.

    By the way, I LOVE the blog, and this is the first comment that I’ve posted after having read it for several years.

  2. Kandi I can’t thank you enough. So glad we had even more time together than when I first met you at Keystone 2019. As usual the days went by way too fast. At least we have some pictures to remember it by.
    Love & Hugs, Sammy

    1. Sammy,

      The welcome mat is out any year I go to Keystone for you as my roomie, especially if that is how you are able to make it up there. You were a real highlight for me (and your sidekick too!).

      We are sisters always,

      Stay tuned for my final Keystone post next week, pretty special!

  3. kandi,
    It’s so easy to try and pack the kitchen sink as well !! Try saying to yourself I’m only allowed 22kg of luggage no matter how I travel , it does sharpen the mind but lead to some frustration .

    As you may remember I took a holiday with my local National Trust group last October , so I knew my dressing needs would be different to yours but it still didn’t make it any easier . Daytime dressing was easy because we were out on coach trips with varied weather and some walking . The problem was what to wear for the evenings in the hotel ? OK confession time I played safe two evenings by wearing some smart trousers dressed up with nice sparkly tops and heeled wedges . The other nights I wore winter style dresses with boots , I did get some nice , unexpected comments . The problem was I needed space for a spare wig ( in case I got a soaking while out ) and space for shaving items , shoes are the biggest problem as they soon fill a case .

    It was good to see you caught up with some old friends even if you couldn’t remember all their names , I’m the world’s worse for that !

  4. It was not Keystone until you arrived, Kandi! What a joyous event it was for all of us and especially for those around you! You rock, and you know it 😉

    By the way, congratulations on the new functionality! You made a great website even better!

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