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As you know, I preach visibility. Nothing changes unless we get out there and change people’s minds. Jack Brennan is doing just that and I have such admiration for this wonderful person. On the day I wrote this post, Jack and I spent about a half hour on the phone getting to know each other. Because of our commonalities (we both root for miserable Ohio-based NFL teams, among other “things”), it felt like we were simply picking up a conversation where we left off. Jack, I admire your courage greatly.

Attached is a pdf file (I hope you can open it) of an article recently published on The Athletic, written by Joe Posnanski. When I initially read the article, I e-mailed Mr. Posnanski, identified myself as a fellow crossdresser and asked him if he could put me in touch with Jack. It took some time, but viola!

Because The Athletic is a subscription service, I could not provide a link, but I assure you, if you download the pdf, you will find it worthwhile.

Also, here is another article from The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Jack has written a book about his life and we are anxiously looking forward to its release, reading it and watching it climb the best sellers list. We will do whatever we can to support it!

Jack has graciously agreed to be “interviewed” by yours truly. So please watch for those interviews coming soon to your favorite daily reading, Kandi’s Land!


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