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They’re Real and They’re Spectacular!

There are friends and there are friends and then there is Jocelyn....

A nod to Teri Hatcher, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

I reported to work at Darlafoxx at 11:00AM, February 10, 2024. We had a very busy day. The store is appointment-only and the door locked for many reasons. I let our patrons in and get them set up for whatever they are there to see. No real great stories on this day (but plenty the next) at work.

The evening I was committed to helping the North Coast Men’s Chorus for the annual Mardi Gras fundraiser. And to my great fortune, our dear Jocelyn was in town on her way back home. So I brought her along for the ride.

We had some time to kill, so we grabbed some job dinner at a Tai restaurant. Jocelyn and I simply sat and chatted, the waiter was very kind to us. We then headed to “work” and as Jocelyn got all signed up, I went about getting ready for the evening. A great friend, of course one of the bartenders, zipped me into my dress for the evening.

My fairy godmother, Anna, has always been so sweet to me throughout my evolution. She is one of the biggest donors to the chorus. You really cannot see very well here, but let’s just say my girls looked pretty good in this dress. So Anna was checking them out and I used that Seinfeld line. I was given the seal of approval on my appearance this evening.

Here I am with my great, great friend Shelley.

The whole evening was wonderful. Jocelyn was immediately welcomed into our family. I didn’t have to entertain her, she was at ease and made plenty of friends.

Jocelyn’s visits to and fro, were extremely memorable for me. When we said goodbye at the end of each visit, all I will say is that we shared so much that is not possible with very many people. She is my sister, she is my friend, she is one of the greatest human beings I have met in my life. My life is so much better having her in in it.

Without getting too maudlin here, Jocelyn I love you my friend. Sharing my happy places with you is not something I would do with many. You saw. I am loved in these places and that is the case because I am authentic, genuine and honestly, the only one of “us” there. That makes me approachable and encourages others to get to know me. I am unique and for some reason, I have been gifted with the ability to make people immediately comfortable with me.


My amazingly giving friend, Kim. She struggles to do things like pay her bills, but she gives of herself, time after time after time. A human being like no other!


14 Responses

  1. When it comes to Kandi, “thank you” seems to be very weak words to correctly describe my deep appreciation for all she has done for me. But, thank you very much Kandi, my dear, sweet, friend.

    If you look up the words in the dictionary “drop-dead gorgeous” you will see a picture of Kandi Robbins. The term is defined as – they are so gorgeous that people cannot fail to notice them. That’s Kandi. When she walks into a room, the whole place shines a little brighter. The photos above clearly show that.

    That evening was very special for me. I will never, ever forget it.

    OMG, I’m crying.


    1. I can totally relate Jocelyn, Kandi does have the ability to bring us to tears doesn’t she. Have a wonderful weekend girl.

      Trish ❤️

  2. What a nice story here, you look so lovely in the black dress
    And do wonderful you got to spend time with Joycelyn
    I’ve only read some of her post here but yes sounds like another lovely lady indeed
    God bless you my friend

  3. Kandi,… Dear Lady

    Mere HI GIRL is not enough to greet you ….You are truly special and I have to realize why our paths diverged so many years ago. You have sailed so high. May the wind always be full under your wings.

    Marie Anne

  4. Kandi,
    What a wonderfully heart warming post. It just made me feel warm inside reading it. I’m happy for you and happy that Jocelyn and you are able to get together often and enjoy each others company. I love you both.


    1. I will share this with you before you read it here later. I had dinner with someone who literally could change my life last night (but we temper our enthusiasm because I do live a life of disappointment, in myself). She started to go on about “community”. That sparked an immediate connection. I pulled up the blog on my phone and showed her the header “A True Community”. If there is no other place, you will always know, you are part of OUR community. You will always be loved here. Thanks Trish!

    2. Thanks Trish. Spending time with friends is indeed wonderful.

      Lots of love going back to you.


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