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Sugah Cookies

Allow life to make you happy.

Our little film went live and we went home winners! Read about the filming of the short here.

June 21, 2024, the International Horror Film Festival. We entered a shorts competition and did quite well.

My day started with a business lunch in my role working as an event planner and helping manage an upcoming nonprofit fundraiser. I returned home (I rarely leave dressed, return home, stay home dressed and leave again) and did some work for a while before heading to the film festival. I was very proud of myself, very proud of my associates, very proud to have been asked to participate and extremely happy for our director. I smiled all the way home.

The balance of this post is a photo perspective on my day.

That was a thrill!

And now, for your cinematic enjoyment, Sugah Cookies!

If what I am told is true, I am now on the set of the next Superman movie….

But you never know until it actually happens.


4 Responses

  1. I enjoyed watching the movie, and it is especially fun when there is someone in it that you know.

    I hope Superman has his Kandi, I mean Lois.


  2. A friends brother had a bit part in a Star Trek moive and some zombie moives. At over 80 now, he makes his money signing autographs at Comic-cons.
    If Superman goes, you might have a future at Comic-cons.

  3. Enjoyable little comedy/horror film, Kandi. It’s awesome to see someone I know in a film. You looked fabulous by the way.

    1. Lizzy, Thank you for all of your very sweet comments! It’s love and support like this that makes what we do here so special.

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