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Solstice 2022

An evening that did not disappoint!

I simply cannot look any better! This is as good as it will ever get for me.

June 25, 2022 was the big Summer Solstice party at The Cleveland Museum of Art!!

On my way to the art museum, I stopped for a couple glasses of wine and a bite to eat at Cooper’s Hawk winery and restaurant. I sat at the bar and had a few casual conversations with some of the patrons. I quite enjoyed myself.

Once I got to the museum, it was time to work. I would estimate that we had 5,000 patrons attend the party. And each and every single one of them had to look at and listen to me as I greeted them and pointed them to our check-in area. I was playing the carnival barker for two and a half hours and had a blast!

This is the best thing I can do for my already bloated ego. I got tons of compliments! Many of them were compliments on my accessories, which I love because I consider those carefully and it is so affirming that my attention to detail is noticed. I was also so pleased with my makeup as I made a few minor changes in my routine, using a putty blush and a cream concealer under my eyes. Being a evening party, I went as dramatic as I am capable of with my eye makeup.

After my shift, we were free enjoy the party. I walked around with two other ladies that I worked with and we had a lovely time. Once they went home, I walked around on my own and had quite a few wonderful exchanges. I got some food and was looking for a table when someone asked me to join them. It was two couples and me. We had a very interesting conversation. One of the woman was in great shape and is a dance instructor. Now she had enjoyed a few adult beverages. As we talked I don’t quite remember how it came up, but she actually thought I was a woman. When I called BS on her, she playfully asked me some questions that, had we both been sober, I might have found offensive. Nothing really bad, but very personal. Anyway, I enjoyed spending the time with them.

I moved on and met another woman and had a great talk with her. The party wrapped up, so I went home. I had been greatly looking forward this event and it did not disappoint!

Check out our latest video, it’s not perfect, but it’s all I can do by myself!


6 Responses

  1. I love these photos! If I could just have a fraction of the poise and grace you project I would be SO HAPPY!

  2. My friend not only did the event not disappoint for you but that lovely dress you wore did not either
    You look lovely wearing it and yes I can see how you could have been mistaken for a cis women
    But yes I understand the alcohol I’m sure was talking
    with your table mate.
    Such a fun time

    1. I found out after the fact that the woman I mentioned was the sister of one of the security guards, who I am friends with. He told me she spoke very highly of me, which made me feel good. Thanks Rach!

  3. Kandi, you look amazing in that wrap dress, it shows off your figure beautifully. Your description of the event and how much you enjoyed it makes me smile. How I wish I could attend even one of these types of events in a fabulous dress and heels!

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