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Secretary Wanted

The role I was born to play!

Our great friend Melissa suggested a Sunday brunch with Sherry and I, so I quickly accepted and went about building a day. September 17, 2023, first stop, Sunday services. As always, it fills my soul in more than one way.

As always, I got many welcomes, many compliments, a few hugs and one compliment that thrilled me to my core. A beautiful (probably close to my age) African-American woman came over, excused herself, to tell me she loved the classic look of my pearls! She was perfectly put together herself, all style and class and so that compliment was especially meaningful.

I then headed over to the restaurant to meet my friends. When the three of us girls get together, it is simply natural, has an easy girl talk flow to it. Love my friends!

My attire and the post title had to do with the final part of my day out. My friend Darlene, who owns the bridal boutique where I model, Messengered me to ask if I had an interest in auditioning for a project. Of course I was! She then told me to dress as a secretary. How’d I do?

She is filming a web series as a means of advertising her store, as well as I am sure, scratching a creative itch. She will be playing the owner of her boutique by day and a private investigator by night. My role is her secretary for the PI business, Bea Shockley. I am chuckling as I write this. I can tell you, it is the role I was born to play! We probably won’t be shooting until February or March, but I look forward to having lines and something to show someone, although with the on-going Hollywood strikes, that may well be a moot point.

I don’t often do this. I am asking you all a favor. Read the post coming up Monday. Comment. Contribute. Ask questions. Get involved. I have made a connection with a very real newsmaker, a delightful fellow transwoman. You can see her on FOX Business and CNBC. She was featured in the major New York newspapers. When I went back and forth with our guest, she made a comment that resonated with me. “We’re trans linked now. We’ll help each other.” Help me Monday.


10 Responses

  1. Hello Kandi,
    If I lived a little closer I’d not only help on Monday but Tuesday, Wednesday and any other day you liked..!
    As for Kandi the Secretary, if she can type as well as she looks Kandi would never be short of work in any office.
    Cheers Pamela

  2. I do like the secretary look, and your pearls are a wonderful accent. As for the comment from your new friend, I believe we have been “Trans linked” since we first connected almost 5 years ago. It is always worth the time and effort to help any of our sisters, Trans or CD.

  3. Kandi,
    I will look forward to the post on Monday , for me it deals with a grey area in a transgender situation , the question being when do we stop being trans and just be us ?

    You make an obvious choice for the role of secretary dare I say a PERFECT choice , fingers crossed it happens for you next year .

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