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Orchestra-ting a Wonderful Evening

People can say what they want about Cleveland. We have three professional sports teams, despite the fact that our football team is the NFL’s version of Sisyphus. We have a vibrant restaurant scene. After Broadway, we have the largest theater district in the country. We have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We have the world class Cleveland Museum of Art and we have the world renowned Cleveland Orchestra.

The summer home of the orchestra is Blossom Music Center. On August 5, 2023, my great friend Nancy invited me to join her for an orchestra concert. Now understand, the orchestra, to me, sounds like listening to a movie score, without the movie. I enjoyed myself nonetheless. We had a wonderful evening!

Nancy made a lovely picnic dinner for us. This won’t mean anything to anyone outside of Cleveland, but we had preferred parking. Then a short walk to a picnic area just to the right of the pavilion. The weather was perfect. We sat and chatted and had a delightful time. I had to use the ladies room, walked in and saw another friend! Denise is one of my band of serial volunteers. I could not have expected to get a hug, in the ladies room, at Blossom, but I did!

Being an old person’s concert, it started sharply at 7:00 and was over before 9:00. We had a nightcap afterward. It was a great evening all in all!


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  1. Kandi ,
    No bad thing to step outside our comfort zone and show appreciation for the hard work done by others . I caught a small ad in my local magazine for an organ concert in our large town church . I didn’t recognise the pieces played but I’m captivated by the ability of an organist when playing such complex instruments . I will add they served a great red wine in the interval all for the price of £5.00 ( about $8.00 ? ) .

  2. KANDI,




  3. Every city has its share of amazing artists, sports teams, and community. We all should support them to the best of our ability. And then, there’s Cleveland. 😁😁😁

    Kidding!!! I definitely want to visit the Rock Hall when I come there, and museums and restaurants are always wonderful.

    I love your dress, the lacy high-low hem is so flirty and feminine, and the white cardigan is perfect with it. Sounds like a great concert, and you and your friend had an enjoyable time.

    1. Don’t tell Nancy (my friend, she and her husband cross my path frequently), I snoozed through much of it. For a rock fan and someone with a limited attention span, it was like listening to a movie score, without the movie. But I am going to do it again tomorrow! Love ya’ T!

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