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All Good Things Come to an End

A couple of nondescript days....

As recently mentioned, over an eighteen day stretch, I was dressed for fifteen of those days. These were the last two of those days with nothing on the horizon for well over a week and a half. That may change, but I may also enjoy the break. Pictures will tell the story of this post as there wasn’t much of a story either day.

April 6, 2023 I met a friend to help with a few things for an upcoming fashion show. Unbeknownst to me before I arrived, it was a bunch of craft projects. One, my hands do not work, therefore I felt like I had stumps for hands. Two, she may as well have asked me to perform open heart surgery, I would have had a better chance at that than crafting. I was worthless and miserable. I hung around for about an hour and a half and then went home. Yeah, I know, who cares? So at least beforehand, I had a little fun with this very casual outfit.

April 7, 2023, the monthly Mix event at The Cleveland Museum of Art. Again, nothing of significant note, but a delightful evening of love and acceptance. Me in my usual position, patrons all greeting me, smiling at me or for those I know better, hugging me. I have had to keep outings to the bare minimum of late because Keystone cost me an arm and a leg and you know what time of year it is? Tax time. Being self-employed, tax time is aways a cash drain as I don’t earn wages, I generate revenue and often don’t have a feel for my tax obligations until a few weeks before they are due.

I took a bunch of pictures in our basement before I left so I would have something to post. The picture directly above is my Rock Hall Induction wall, the three events I worked as a talent escort for Tommy James, The Roots and Brandi Carlisle. The small photo just above my head to the left is a picture of me and Questlove, one awesome dude! We actually had a lengthy conversation.

You may not get to see all of it, but my basement includes many family photos; my Rock Hall wall; my Boston Marathon wall; photos of my beloved Cleveland; a shrine for my wife to her second love in life, Cleveland’s late, great Michael Stanley (the kids are first, I am probably third, but I am good with that); and my wall of family schools and Cleveland sports teams, all wrapped around my home gym.

Finally, the photo you see opening this post was my reward after completing a half marathon on April 8, 2023! Breakfast (okay sort of lunch) of champions! Who doesn’t love a craft beer or two and M&M’s.

Hey, every outing can’t be a compelling story!

You won’t have to put up with me for a while as we have posts by many of our Contributors over the next week. Also, please check out our updated Contributors page! We have a new Contributor and I have included more information and links for many of the ladies.


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  1. I know you have run the Boston Marathon and many half marathons, but now it’s time to start getting ready for next year’s Big Sur International Marathon

    1. Interesting….. I’ve run six so far, but have sucked the last 2, including my epic Boston failure.

      I am trying to get it back or determine if sucking will be it for me going forward. Thanks Cali!!

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