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Interview With a Difference Maker Version 1.2

We now conclude our conversation with Jack Brennan, a difference maker!

We resume our interview with Jack Brennan, who represents two of our most popular posts here! And that makes me happy!!

You have mentioned that you would be going out, as Jackie, with some of Jack’s friends.  Has the happened yet?  If so, please tell us about it.  How did it feel seeing these people you kept this secret from while dressed?  What did you wear and how comfortable were you?

Great first question, Kandi, that was one cool night. I’m gonna email you a photo when I get done writing this [see below, printed with Jackie’s permission]. I went to The Banks, Cincy’s riverfront entertainment district, with five friends from my former work in sports media. Three guys, two cisgender girls, and me. Kandi it was a real blast, these friends “got it” to the max. They knew I get off on being a girl and they all were willing to play along and play around some. “It’s worth the price of admission,”  one of the guys said, “to hear Jackie talking with our server about Jessica Simpson high heels.” With just a little verbal nudging, I induced the server to proclaim me “f–ing hot!” and announce that to the group.

Of my five tablemates, only one is someone I’ve spent significant time with outside work, but they are just good friends who seemed truly happy to help me float my boat. One of the girls, at my request, had her Uber pick me up for the trip down, and she called for an Uber to take me home. It was key to have the girls there, and I hope I’m allowed to call them girls because they are … well let’s not disclose too much … but they are a “just a bit” younger than me. Both really cute, and just so friendly. They knew how to treat me like girls treat girls, which is really key I think. I went out one other night with just three guys — also sports media friends — and though we had a fine time, they didn’t play into the CD thing. It was just like regular sports and joke talk over beers. Nothing at all wrong with that, but the presence of the two women at the other night out really helped keep the CD aspect front and center, and we do like to be the center of attention, don’t we?

First of all Jackie, I’m envious, you’re so damn cute! My experience is that when we mix with GG women, we get much more of a female experience. We get the feeling of being one of them, instead of when we are with our “peers”, many revert back (and I am no different) to learned behaviors, whether these behaviors are simply who we are, are the front we put forward to get though life or, in my case, a little of both.

I hope to do this some more, and Valerie, my wonderful wife, wants to attend the next one. 

She’s an angel (which you know) and for those of us with accepting wives, make sure you realize the gifts you have been given. There may be no greater gift.

What did I wear? Well you can see my top in the photo, the sleeveless aspect is real sexy to me. I had on one of my favorite jean skirts, soft light blue denim that really hugs me, and an awesome pair of — yes — Jessica Simpson heels. They caught my eye immediately at DSW, high cork-type heels with a tropical island motif, red and blue palm trees and such over a base of off-white. I asked the clerk at DSW for advice on toenail polish with a multi-colored heel, and she suggested white, and she was exactly right. I had not worn white very often, that was a major kick in the nails department. Long white fingernails too, of course. It was a disappointingly chilly night, but I went out like a CD soldier in bare legs. Thanks for offering me the opportunity to wax on about my look..        

This is my purpose in life, establishing a community of like-minded ladies who love and support each other. And yes, we are worldwide!

Now that the dust has settled a bit, are you happy that you came out like you did?  In such a public fashion?

I am really glad I did it. Almost too glad, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

To take the boulder off of our shoulders is such a relief. To go out and not be tarred and feathered is such a relief. To interact with other human beings and be accepted for who we are is life affirming. To be “one of the girls”, no words…..

What is the status of your book?  I have told you this and want to state it for the record, I will throw my very small little platform here behind it as best as I am able.

Thanks for asking about my book, I have nothing to report now, but I am heartened by some tangible preliminary interest from some folks who know the publishing world far better than me.  

Thank you Jackie for playing along with me and being the beautiful example that you are! I hope to one day get all dolled up and meet my Cincinnati friend for a girls’ night out!

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7 Responses

  1. Jackie,

    Great little article and most absolutely agree with you that being out or in with a clutch of GG girls that accept you is super a totally different atmosphere and ambiance – warmer than a being with other cd gals.

    Sorry girls sadly it is usually true.

    Marie Anne

  2. It’s true for me that I’ve found more acceptance from my ladies at my job then anyone else
    Nobody in my family supported me at all when I came out.
    So when I’m with family they never see my female side at all,
    Relationships are really difficult for girls like us as you never know should you tell them about you and risk it all or not
    Jackie it seems like you have done ok with coming out and being in such a male oriented job it is pretty amazing
    I know for me I’m 60 years of age now and honestly I don’t care much what others think I just try to do my best to be the best me I can be and love others along the way
    Thank you for sharing your story

  3. Thanks for this interview, Kandi. I can understand how difficult it must have been for Jackie, being such a prominent member of the community. Many people know me in my small city and although I prefer to keep Donna private, it would be quite a leap or faith to come out as Jackie did.

  4. Kandi,
    Many thanks for the follow up interview .

    I wonder if Jack/Jackie should play the labels down a little , the problem being we never stop evolving , I would never declare myself to be transgender at one time but admit I didn’t like to be labelled a crossdresser once I’d decided to go full time . That’s one thing I’ve missed with Jackie’s story how much does she alternate between Jack and Jackie , has Valerie made any ground rules ?
    Dysphoria is a wider spectrum than I first thought , facing surgery in an attempt to physically change the look of your body doesn’t solve all the problems . Presenting as a woman to be accepted as such can’t be underestimated , I don’t even consider male parts presenting a problem , they serve a basic function just as women’s parts do . On a daily basis the lifestyle of a man and a woman aren’t that dissimilar .

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