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Loving Summer Dresses!

Picnic time!

Think I was happy?

July 8, 2022, the second consecutive day in a super cute, way-to-young-for-me dress and LOVING IT!

Let’s take a behind the scenes look at what we go through to look good. Unlike a cis or transgendered woman who has the same set of breasts every day, mine vary. And I vary them dependent upon my outfit. My biggest presentation is never out of proportion for my body size. And I always try and match my lingerie to the outfit, each item should match or work well in a set (not that anyone sees this but me). The bra I initially wanted to wear just didn’t work with the dress. The dress sleeves became too tight and binding. So I switched to a strapless bra and the dress was a dream!

I spent some time considering my necklace when assembling the outfit. Most of my initial choices were simply dainty necklaces, then inspiration struck! This one drew a few compliments and tied well into the dress pattern. I wish I knew why the details mean so much to me, but they do and they are generally noticed.

I have taken classes with an acting school in town that also is a local casting agency. They cast me in the two paid productions I have been in. They had a wonderful cook out for students and staff. I really enjoyed my time there. I saw quite a few folks. One was one of the instructors who is also an actor and he recently did a short film about a crossdresser spending a day in a hotel room. A few months back we talked at length to help him prepare for the film. I also saw some improv friends and a few actresses I have been in movies with. It was just a nice time.

I hit a local bar/restaurant to have one for the road. I sat unnoticed. While I crave human interaction, being unnoticed means I am just blending in. A lovely day all in all!

I’ve finally completed the Bridal Gallery! Check it out!!


4 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    I have to say the breast question was something I debated for some time . To talk figures for a moment I wear a 36C bra , I came to this conclusion after consulting bra suppliers . I’m 34 under and 36-37 over the bust , I use small enhancers to comfortably fit my 36C and I don’t vary that , I know a UK size 12 will usually fit in dresses , blouses and skirts so I don’t play around with my bust size . I also feel being fulltime it would be a mistake . On occasions I have used strapless bras and worn some dresses bra less with my enhancers without problems .

    I will add at first being seen with a bust I felt some women would be uneasy knowing it wasn’t all me . Then I considered the women who may have experienced partial or total breast removal having to use false breasts , other women do not comment they are very accepting of other women .

    1. I have always been fascinated by women’s breasts and not for the reasons you may think. I have always noted how they are presented in the overall outfit. So I carefully select how I present my breasts in my overall presentation. For months now, I have also been wearing a bra as often as possible. It’s a bit harder in the warmer months. In the winter, I often go days wearing one 24/7. I wear one to bed every night, which I know most women don’t do, but it just makes me feel right throughout the night.

  2. Kandi, I love the summer dress you’re wearing. It’s just so feminine and definitely one of my favorite styles of dress. It’s just perfect on you and you look so cute in it! And the comment about wearing a bra to bed is so relatable. I’ve done the same thing many times. I don’t really understand why, but it was one of the most pleasurable feelings to wake up feeling the pressure of the bra on me.

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