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Lovely Sunday

If I could give you a gift, it would be this day! Read on.....

There is just something special about Sunday morning. This day was particularly special, bright sunshine and cool temperatures after an overnight rain. Being Spring, everything just seemed greener. Sleeping until you wake up (as opposed to the dreaded alarm) and doing so after a rare nine plus hours of much needed sleep.

Then making a cup of coffee and going about doing your make up and getting dressed. This April 11, 2021 Sunday was so nice!

I had pulled this outfit together a good six months ago, knowing it would be the perfect church outfit. But between weather and my inability to get to church (dressed) of late, it hung there, waiting patiently. This day I had a morning shift at the art museum. Perfect!

I stopped at a local upscale shopping area, knowing I would have the place mostly to myself. With the bright sunshine and my great pride in my presentation on this day, I took quite a few lovely photos. I just adore the outfit! The skirt, sweater, adorable cami, subtle jewelry, the purse and the BOOTS! Let’s just say they are not the most comfortable, but I knew my walking on this day would be limited (I sit for three hours at the museum’s information desk), so why not?

I am so blessed. I chatted with my wife before I left. She was very happy herself to have some alone time in the house. We have been focusing on many projects, some renovations or simply deep cleaning a house we have lived in for 20+ years. Also small projects like replacing door hardware and just giving the place a new feeling.

After my selfie-photo session, I stopped for a smoothie and headed to work. In the atrium of the museum, the sun streamed in on us and it just felt like a day that was an actual gift from God. It was like I had earned it and I was so thankful to experience it.

Just looking even now at the pictures, so happy, so happy that that is ME, a thought completely unthinkable for the great portion of my life. It never even crossed my mind that I could be completely dressed, that I could be pretty, that I could be in public, that I could do so without issue, time after time.

I received specific complements this day on my cami and my nails, which as we all know, I love!!

My museum day was spent sporadically greeting patrons, pointing out the maps and the location of the restrooms and simply being. Being content, happy and appreciative of the fact that I have at least mastered one thing in my life. It won’t make me rich, it won’t do much to change the world, it won’t be noticed by many, but I am very good at being who I am, comfortable in my own skin. What I love about this blog is that once I saw the photos, with no preconceived notion of what I would write, this just poured out of me in a stream of consciousness. And it is good. And life is good. Now if you excuse me, I need to beam with pride at a few more photos……of ME! A me I never could have conceived of.


We’ve added a “Favorite Post” feature along the right sidebar. It only started as of the other day when I installed it, so it does not go back in our brief history here as I know of a few posts that drew a great deal of attention. I will admit, I am enjoying figuring all of this technical stuff out and seeing it work properly.


6 Responses

  1. Sounds like another great day, and love that outfit so cute and comfy looking.
    So I’ve a question when your chatting with the wife in Kandi mode do you ever feel uncomfortable?
    I know she’s an angel but I know I felt a little bit that way when my ex saw me dressed
    Thanks much again for doing this blog and such positive stories

    1. I am sure no one believes me, but in our house, my dressing is a 100% complete non-issue. So any conversation is the same regardless of my attire. Yes, in this aspect of my life, I am very lucky and truly blessed. But, as we all know, life has many layers to it.

  2. On a day like that you should have Mr. Rogers’ “Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood” playing in the background.
    Just saying!

  3. Another great post, Kandi. I wish this was a bigger area and the opportunities to volunteer were available and discrete. I like your outfit and love the boots, but as I have said before the most outstanding feature is your smile. The last two blog posts yours and Sherry, are great examples of people coming into their own later in life and “finding themselves”

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