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Just Happy to Be Happy

Getting my heels back underneath me!

Looking and feeling wonderful! The day was built around a Plexus networking event (Plexus is Cleveland’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce). I always want to look professional and….cute……

I have zero reason for the little commercial I am about to run. You all know I am the queen of thrifting. I can look at a rack of dresses and spot a worthy purchase among many dresses jammed in a small space. I then pull that dress out and frequently, when I have spotted a winner, it is a dress from Connected Apparel. The line is sold at Penney’s, Macy’s, Nordstroms and many other places. And they are always well made, adorbs and comfortable. I have rarely been disappointed by anything I have found with that label. This cute peplum dress…Connected Apparel!

October 26, 2023, stop number one, the post office to send out some packages for my apparel business. The smiles I get when I approach a cashier or sales associate are priceless. Stop number two, Walmart to pick up a few necessary items. Nothing to report except that the Earth didn’t stop spinning on its axis when I walked in.

Stop number three, Vacarro’s! My favoritest restaurant with the bestest Happy Hour and the wonderfullest staff and my friend Karen, the bartender. Me camped on the corner of the three sided bar. People, regulars, filling in all about. Me being a part of various conversations (alone usually), me being remembered by someone who had seen me there before, me in all of my glory!

Finally, I went to the networking event as planned. It was held at Akron’s Northside Marketplace, home of dozens of shops, galleries, restaurants and more. Over a hundred vendors all selling their wares, in spaces as small as a cubby, no staff, all purchases run through a central cashier. Small business at it’s finest!

I saw old friends and made new ones. Had quite a few conversations and smiles. Bought what I hope to be some great BBQ sauces and a few tchotchkes. I reconnected with a quirky, funny, friend I had made pre-pandemic and had lost contact with.

Smiles, good food, great people and I looked pretty damn cute! I am slowly starting to get my mojo back. Sometimes you simply need to take a breath, let life wash over you, ground yourself in reality, count your blessings and refocus on the goodness in your life.


8 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    Poplum dresses and tops—great for the figure, and you look fab in that one.

    Happy Halloween!


  2. The dress is very cute, the peplum gives an illusion of hips (that most of us don’t have). And your smile always makes my day better, even if nothing else is going well.

  3. One again Kandi… the best part of your lovely outfit is the smile.
    You would light up the room with its brilliance and you do look so happy.

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