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How I Explain Myself

Getting introspective....

When interacting with anyone, no matter the situation, I am 100% open and honest. Obviously, no one thinks I am a woman. I make no secret that I am not Kandi all the time. I make no secret that I am married to a woman, am heterosexual, have grown children. When asked what I do for a living, I tell the (painful) truth. You have to understand, I am Kandi and she is me. In my head, there is no difference. The view from behind my glasses is always the same. Your view, a different story. You can see here I only refer to Kandi in the third person to differentiate her in the context of a story, otherwise she is me and I am her.

When someone tiptoes around asking me a question, as most are very curious, I tell them to ask whatever they wish. I tell them that I cannot be offended. How can I hope to educate people if I don’t entertain questions? And if I am not honest with my answers? I answer any and all questions. I have rarely had anything asked that was borderline inappropriate and when that may have occurred, it was usually in a playful fashion.

It has been quite remarkable to me that generally, people just “get me”. They think “so what”, he’s wearing a dress and she looks pretty good doing it! I get “he” and “she” intermixed quite often, even by those closest to me. It is never done derisively, always with an ease about it. Many naturally refer to me as she, I love that! Those that refer to me as “he” do so with a complete acceptance of how I am dressed and respect me regardless. I do speak in both tone and manner, as a man (you now know this from our YouTube videos).

I am by nature a humble person, more like life has humbled me (considerably). Life is not a competition, although many view it that way. We have to love and support each other. While that may not be the way of the world, it is how I try to live my life.

I have many blessings in my life, also many challenges. My purpose in life now is to give, to support those like myself. As well as those suffering, like the cancer patients I support (more like provide any help I can). But I don’t suffer fools well. Whatever I can do to help and support, I am very happy to do so. Treat me unfairly, I will no longer tolerate you. I spent a considerable amount of time supporting an arts-related, LGBT-related charity. Their clear casualness about not appreciating their many volunteers finally reached a point where I simply will not longer give them my most precious resource (to me personally), my time. I will direct that elsewhere instead.

This was written pre-COVID. It still is true, but of course, everything is different for everyone. I guess I’ve taken my “calling” to the virtual world by trying to bring smiles with my photo shoots while scratching the itch for myself. My purpose is to simply be an example, to inspire other girls.

This has been a remarkable ride and I am looking forward to what’s next.

That’s me in a big pink bow!

I wrote this quite some time ago. All of it is true, but now I have continued to evolve. I know in my heart of hearts, I am a woman. I do not present myself as a crossdresser. I do not present myself as a transwoman. I present myself as a woman. What you see, what you perceive, that is on you. I have seen so many interpretations of ladies like myself. I believe we are a mix of things. I have seen those that wear pantyhose all the time. All the time? No woman does that, that is a fetish. Okay, but not who I am. I have seen those that dress to the nines to sit at home. Again, okay, but not what women do. That is again a fetish. I am simply a woman. You can argue what defines what a “woman” is, but I won’t get into that. That is me, I am her, I am him, I am me.


11 Responses

  1. Like you I’m an open book, no question that if we can’t educate those who don’t understand then they never will and we will always be Marginalized
    I too am a women but I am a trans women because how I look at it I don’t have the physical parts and such but in my way of being I’m female only about 30 percent of me is male and when I’m in male mode well I’m still wearing panties and such under and for me it serves its purpose

    1. Ditto. I will add that you both are often probably accepted as cisgender simply because people are not typically looking for us and because you work hard to be authentically Kandi and Rachael (as I do as Lisa). It is nice that even when we do get that “look” of recognition that it so often comes with acceptance that we are part of normal life.

  2. Candy: Your explanation of your perceived gender was quite clear and beautifully explained. You have very clearly explained just how you have evolved, which is to state that you now perceive yourself as both man and woman. Both are you.

    Your statement raised a question to my understanding of your clear, concise description. The question is, do you also consider yourself to also be male and female? Or are you saying that you are just female?

    Please understand that my question is not a sassy way to make a statement camouflaged as a question. My question is asked to better understand how you see yourself at a time when I am coming to understand myself. Please accept the question in that spirit.

    1. I would have to say I am both. I love being my wife’s husband. I love my male activities and friends. But I cannot deny that most of my idle thoughts and most of how I plan my days and or weeks, is as a female. Clear as mud, right?

      1. Thanks Kandi. Your clarification made total sense to me. Appreciate your reply to what could have seemed to many like a silly question.

        1. Tiffs, no question, especially when trying to understand gender issues, is silly! We are all in this together and I love that you asked!!

  3. OMG!!!! I love how you write!!! I can feel your passion and honesty!! You are beautiful inside and out!! I am so blessed to have met you!!

    You go girlie!! Much ❤️

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