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Just another example of Dee's amazing friendships!

Earlier this year I offered my friend Karla a night out. I suggested dinner and then the musical Hairspray. She texted back that would be a “dream date”,  and we went the first Wednesday in April.

I took a day off from my normal obligations (after school tennis coaching), intending to have a full Dee day. Unfortunately, real life got in the way.. While sorting through two months of accumulated mail (one downside of being down under for two months), I was surprised to discover my home wasn’t insured for non-payment.

It took four hours of phone calls to realize that two of the largest financial companies in America couldn’t figure out how to communicate with each other to pay for my homeowners insurance–and it seemed to me they thought it was all my fault.

Although I would have preferred to spend those four hours doing fun girl things, I finally got dressed and drove to Karla’s. 

She was getting dressed, so I picked through her closet and tried on some of her clothes. When Karla worked at a different department at her store, she used to come into my change room and we would talk and I would try on clothes. She said it was good to see the clothes on a live model to see how they looked.

I wore a new bodysuit (that I bought based on a review from blogger Hannah McKnight) and jeans to Karla’s apartment. I then changed into my pink dress, paired with red ankle strap heels. Karla was with me when I previously bought the heels a couple years before (RIP, Payless).

We had a nice dinner at a nice restaurant. We had been to the same restaurant a couple of times before, including one of the first time I went to a restaurant on Halloween in 2017.

Hairspray was a fun show. Several of the women’s roles are played by men, including a major character, the mom.

The next day on Facebook Karla posted a picture of the Hairspray program with the following note: [A dear friend treated me to dinner and seeing Hairspray at the Fabulous Fox. Dinner was delicious and the show was AMAZING! AMAZING! And the Fox is so beautiful. And excellent seats! Second row aisle seats so I could see everything. No one sitting in front of me. And good conversation. Just a wonderful evening!]

Karla has been a good friend and I’m happy I could make her happy–and it’s always fun to wear a cute dress somewhere.

And the kicker: while perusing the Hairspray program, I noticed that next April they will have the musical “Tootsie” (yes, that “Tootsie”), so Karla and I will likely have “Dream Date: The Sequel.”


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