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Girl’s Weekend in Kelowna 2024

Our correspondent reports in from North of the Border!

By Trish White

I arrived a couple of days early this year to give Maggie a hand in getting everything organized as to which wineries we were going to what places we were going shopping at etc. She also makes this her yearly holiday, she arrives a week ahead of time so I decided to go early since she was there already. She’s the president of Gurls in the burbs and is always there to help Tammy who’s the president of the Wine Country Girls in Kelowna. I was shocked to hear that she is the only girl in Kelowna that puts this event on. She receives no help from any of the wine country girls which shocked me but on the other hand I don’t even know if she ever asked any of her members for help. But between her and Maggie this years event was every bit as good as all the previous ones. The only down side was we were all looking forward to a lot of Okanagan sunshine. I even brought my swim suit as the hotel we stayed in is right across the road from one of Lake Okanagan’s beautiful beaches and fully intended on catching at least a few rays of sunshine beachside. But as luck would or more correctly wouldn’t have it this was the first year ever where we didn’t have a full weekend of sunshine. It was raining when we arrived and continued to rain right up until we left.  

But as they say every cloud has a silver lining and there was definitely clouds but also silver linings. I think the biggest sliver lining is Kelowna is a very trans friendly city. It didn’t matter where we went we were totally accepted and always treated with respect by the people in general and all of the businesses we went to. And we went to a lot restaurants, thrift shops, high end consignment stores, the mall and of course the wineries which were amazing. During our wine tour we found out that a lot of the wineries were decimated with an unseasonably early stretch of cold weather in the fall. Some of them had to replant there entire orchards which meant zero income for three years. Others fared a little better where their orchards died back somewhat but came back with fruit in the spring. One of the wineries was called the Crown and Thieves and this place was amazing. When we first went in the whole place looked like it was hundreds of years old and that was the theme on the main floor where we sampled various varieties their wine. You can also see from one of the pics that the view from their deck overlooking lake Okanagan was breath taking. Then we went down stairs to a replica speak easy which was just as amazing as the main floor. there was a bar, a stage, dance floor and lots of tables. Apparently on the weekends they put on various different acts such as live bands, comedy shows, dinner theatres, all kinds of things. So if you’re ever in Kelowna B.C. this winery is a must see for sure. I think we hit 4 wineries and one place that made only apple cider. However due to the follies of my youth I didn’t sample any of their products. Just the smell of apple cider is enough to make this girl gag. 

After a very busy Saturday morning shopping and then an afternoon on the wine tour we all went for dinner and were looking forward to The Friends of Dorothy night club for some live entertainment and maybe a bit of dancing. I was driving and that was mistake number one, I had never driven to the night club I was always with someone else who drove. But anyway my copilots got me to the club but there was no where close to park which makes sense on a busy Saturday night in Kelowna. So in my efforts to find a parking spot somewhere close I got myself totally lost and of course, as luck would have it, I had left my cell phone in my hotel room. So I couldn’t phone my girl friends for help. I finally found a spot to park and I thought I knew where I was so I started walking and ended up at the main drag of the city which was a multitude of blocks away from the club. So it was back in my car for a long night tour of Kelowna. It was after 11:00 pm when I was so lost I couldn’t even find our hotel. So I finally gave up and luckily found our hotel, texted my girlfriends that they’d have to walk home or hitch a ride with someone. By this time I was so frustrated and upset I just went to bed. Having bared my sole to you all, I don’t need any blonde jokes in the comments section thank you very much.

Sunday was a little better, after Saturday night, I gave myself some more shopping therapy that made me feel better because I finally found a really cute beach cover up that I has been looking for at one of the thrift stores we hadn’t gone to the previous day. Then I went to the mall where I  bought some false eyelashes as well as several pairs of thigh high stockings and went to a restaurant for lunch. After lunch I was feeling much better and the Saturday night nightmare was becoming a distant memory thank god. When I was talking to Maggie and her girlfriend earlier they were talking about maybe renting a VRBO house for next year’s Girls weekend instead of paying for high priced hotel rooms plus Maggie’s profession is a cook  and volunteered to do any of the cooking required. So I’m hoping that this will happen if there’s enough girls interested. Especially when Maggie said her cheese cakes are world renowned. Is there any one of us who doesn’t like cheese cake?? And yes, everyone, I did find my way back home to Kamloops without any issues, lol.


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  1. Hi Trish,
    Enjoyed your story! Hmm! Maybe if I was there with you, you wouldn’t have gotten lost. Then again, maybe we both would have been lost!! Miss you!!
    Marian ❤️

    1. Hi Marian,
      Yup, I could have used your help Saturday night for sure. But my go to girl friend lives a long way from Kelowna 😞. It would be so nice if you came to one of the Girls Weekends in Kelowna. I know you’d have a lot of fun. The best part for me is being able to drive there and back as Trish and it’’s Only a two hour drive. I miss you too girl. ❤️

  2. Trish, sounds like you had a great time!

    And, as you raised the subject, it would be remiss of me not to include a joke about blondes getting lost here (I know you said that you don’t NEED any blonde jokes but there are lots of things in life that we don’t need but still get them!):

    A couple of blondes got lost at the mall so they go to the map where they see a red arrow that says “YOU ARE HERE.”

    One of the blondes looks at the other and says “Wow! How do they know that?”

    1. Amanda, I would expect no less from you girl 🥰. Wishing you a great weekend up coming and a minimum of mascara smudges.

      Trish ❤️

  3. Trish,
    It is great to hear that a number of friends get together for a weekend. Being able to get dressed and to share shopping, food, wine and laughs is fabulous.

    It sounds like everyone had a great time, except for your unfortunate Saturday night.

    I have found spending time with girlfriends is very rewarding. The strong bond we have together is so affirming. And the hugs make it all memorable.

    The photos show girlfriends with big smiles. All of you look beautiful.

    I know you and I are the same age, but why do you look young enough to be my daughter???????

    Love you,


    1. Hi Jocelyn,
      This yearly event is definitely my favourite. Mainly because, as you said, it’s all our girl friends getting together renewing acquaintances and having some laughs together. Also because Kelowna is only a 2 hour drive from Kamloops so I can travel there and back as Trish and it doesn’t break the bank like Diva Las Vegas.
      Lastly, Jocelyn, I have to say you are far too hard on yourself. I saw the last pictures you posted and you are one very attractive woman. I would say we’ definitely look like Sisters but me looking young enough to be your daughter…..,well this girl could only wish she did.
      You should really try and make it to Kelowna one time. We could be roomies and we’d have soooo much fun. And I think it’s only a 4 hour flight 🥰

      1. Trish,
        Regarding our age and looks; I’m not being hard on myself, I am just saying you look very young.
        OK, maybe we look like sisters, me being the older!


        1. Hi Jocelyn, yeah I like “looking like sisters” better 😋. But thank you for the compliment, it means a lot to me coming from you ❤️.

  4. Trish, looks like you had a wonderful time. You also look so cute in all of your pictures. I would love to go to an event and meet some girls. Have not done anything like that yet.

    1. When you do you’ll love it. Diva Las Vegas last October was the first U.S. one I’d ever been to and it was so much fun meeting all your internet girl friends face to face. Also getting to meet new friends as well. The only downer was how expensive everything was plus being a Canuck paying the 50% surcharge in the dollar difference.

  5. Trish,
    Sounds like a very fun weekend. Too bad it rained and you had to keep you swimsuit packed. I woud have loved to attend except I’m very violently allergic to wine (after being in the wine business).

    1. Hi Cali,
      It was a fun time even with the rain. But definitely missed the usually typical sunshine. But there’s always next year 😋.
      That really sucks being allergic to wine. Maybe if you came we could go on a scotch or tequila tour, lol. Have a great weekend girl.

      Trish ❤️

      1. Trish,
        I was in the wine business at one time, even making my own wine, then it got worst and I had to stop drinking wine. I like gin and vodka, but don’t drink much, got to watch my figure. lol

        1. Ha ha ha, you sound like me and apple cider Cali. Back in my younger days we were at a party and a friend and I decided to mix apple cider and rye whisky. Needless to say that was not a good idea and we both ended up talking to the toilet for quite a while. Now just the smell of it makes me gag 😆.

  6. Absolutely wonderful and uplifting, Trish! Thank you, both for the story and the photos! Lovely.

  7. Hi Crystal,
    I’m glad you enjoyed my recap of the Girl’s Weekend in Kelowna. Have a great weekend girl 💋🥰

    Trish ❤️

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