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Favorites of The 2020 (Selfie) Photo Shoots

Life has taken control of late, so I bring you a little look back at 2020 and the art of survival.

As you may or may not have noticed, life is currently kicking Kandi’s behind, not allowing her to get out and about as often as she’d like. So we bring you this little retrospective. These are personal favorites from the 33 selfie photo shoots, comprised of 106 different outfits taken principally during the great lockdown of COVID 2020. For months, this was all I had and am happy to have been able to at least do this. Enjoy!

I have no idea how I would have survived the spring and summer of 2020 without being able to at least do this. And I do not say this lightly as my liver would have been at the bottom of a bottle otherwise. Those smiles are real, the joy, life affirming.


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  1. Wow Kandi, as I browse through the “Kandi Retrospective” I don’t see one “bad” outfit. You have a knack for putting things together. There are certainly favourites but all are classy. Glad Sherry and Julie did so well. I was following and they got my vote.

  2. Kandi you look fabulous in all of your outfits.
    I agree with Frannie you do know how to put them together, you are a fashionista indeed.
    Hey we all take bad pictures now and again so yeah I get it not showing those off but my dear you do look great and I never grow tired of your smile

  3. Beautiful photos Kandi! I love all your outfits and would pretty much wear any of them! You have great taste and style and your beautiful smile says it all. As I have said before “ I don’t know why they call it cross dressing as I am never cross when I’m dressed!! 🙂👗 Thanks for sharing

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