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Difference Maker(s) Version 3.1

Please allow me to introduce you to this exceptional organization!

Margie’s Hope/Margie’s Closet

Watch This!

Got your attention….. This was national news and this is in essentially, my backyard. My dear Big Sister, living nowhere near this place, brought this to my attention. So, being the intrepid reporter that I am, I had to make a connection.

It has become the purpose of Kandi’s Land to do whatever we can to throw our support behind this worthwhile charity. I have spent time with the wonderful folks introduced to you in this story. I have interviewed them, more on that soon. I am helping spearhead (it was not my idea, but when mentioned, I was all in) donations through my sisters in The Vanity Club for this worthwhile cause.

If you can find it in your heart to help, it can be accomplished in two ways.

First are clothing donations. This is important, please let them know you making this contribution through Kandi’s Land. I was asked to have donations come in that way.

This is the wish list (directly from Margie’s):

  1. Large size feminine shoes — especially size 11 and higher
  2. Dresses and skirts
  3. Gently used or new wigs and wig-care items
  4. Formal masculine clothes and gowns and cocktail dresses (we’re getting ready for homecoming and holiday party season)
  5. Plus size feminine clothes
  6. Masculine clothing in smaller and/or shorter sizes
  7. Smaller size masculine shoes — especially size 8 and lower
  8. “On-trend” edgy clothing — black, simple, sleek, leather, zippers are often features of this style
  9. Non-binary style clothes
  10. If there is a special item that someone thinks shoppers at Margie’s Closet will particularly appreciate, that’s great too.

The need for funds is the greatest. This can be done as follows:

  1. The Margie’s Hope’s website:;
  2. Go onto their Facebook page:; or
  3. Finally, mail a check to Margie’s Closet, P. O. Box 3967, Akron, OH 44314.

My interview is forthcoming!

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