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This day was a true gift!

Everything about this day was delightful! September 24, 2023, Sunday services and brunch with Blazine.

Delightful. My wife’s work schedule started early, so I had plenty of time to get dressed. I took my time and enjoyed the process. I am very pleased with my makeup skills, actually proud of them. But as you can see in many of my photos, my chin is a mess. Years of suppressing all of this, therefore taking no real care of my skin and the deterioration of this chin makes it very difficult to cover the cracks. I need to seek help with this.

Delightful. This dress. The day was grey, but temperatures were mild. I felt very autumnal.

Delightful. I got out the door early so I hit a TJ Maxx and a Burlington, simply to browse. There is nothing like being a woman, casually looking at dresses, blouses, bras, whatever. Just being……me.

Delightful. Sunday services. Nothing of real note, just calmly sitting, legs crossed, enjoying being around tremendous human beings. After services I had a frequent conversation with a couple I know from both this and my previous church. We talk Cleveland sports. I still am amazed that I have these conversations with others, me in a dress, having “guy” talk. And no one cares, I am loved and accepted. No wonder I love any Sunday spent at this place. It’s almost like God said, okay girl, I have given you many challenges and hurdles in your life, this is your oasis, your escape from any pressure whatsoever. Just come here and be. My gift to you.

Delightful. Two ladies having brunch. Blazine suggested Lucky’s Cafe, a great little place, farm to table, featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Their chef has also been on the Food Network. To remind you, a few weeks back I met Blazine at the monthly art museum party. She came up, introduced herself and we immediately connected despite the tremendous age difference. She is simply very easy to chat with. We got to know each other, we have mutual interests and a love of good food. I am blessed to have such a great friend. We share a love of thrifting and may do so next weekend, if schedules allow. I think I have a new brunch buddy!

Blazine, thank you for just being awesome! The day was, well, delightful!

I then got home and our local football team proved me wrong from my prediction at church. When I have the time, I do like trying on new outfit combinations while I have my hair and makeup done. It gives me a better read on how an outfit will look. When I do this maybe during the week, while I am not made up, it doesn’t feel the same. Oh……the outfit I have planned for thrifting…..oh my. Amazingly cute, casual, feminine, bright, well, I’ll save it for a future post if Mother Nature cooperates. I stretched the day a bit and did some work lunch prep and dinner set up before calling it a day.

Okay ladies, big favor here! Please vote for our Trish as a Super Cougar in the annual Glamour Boutique contest!!


7 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    I have to agree with your comments in the last paragraph , trying clothes has to be at the right time . Sometimes when I can’t sleep I’ll be thinking my outfit through for the next day but I won’t try it out because my makeup has gone and the wig is back on it’s stand . I have to be in the right frame of mind for shopping , usually driven by somthing bought recently and possibly needing the right shoes and other finishing touches . I admit I would miss High Street shopping , sometimes just passing a shop window is enough to set the seed for a new outfit , shopping online is really only second best .

    It’s good to have a dining buddy , I had one that sadly moved away but I also have one who drops by every month and we order a Chinese takeaway , chatting over a meal and a glass of wine is special .

  2. You look great my friend and I so relate to the shopping while out dressed I’m so much more observant of what I want and like and it all feels great knowing I would enjoy wearing it should I choose to buy.
    So glad you enjoyed you dinner and friend

  3. H Kandi,
    You look lovely as always and I’m so lucky to have you as a friend. God was smiling on me the day I found you ❤️.

    And thanks so much for the glamour girl plug. A girl friend of mine, Megan Kelly and I decided to enter the Glamour Girl contest. She is in the Cougar category and would love our support. Megan is another girl I helped get over the fear of going out in public and blossom. Check her out she’ very pretty. Love ya girl!

    Trish ❤️

  4. What a lovely dress, Kandi. You look so feminine and I love your hair also. What a wonderful day lived to the fullest as the lovely woman you are. And by the way I did go to Glamour Boutique and vote for Trish. Though I don’t really know her personally, I follow her on Flickr and have enjoyed her wisdom in the comments and contributions to your site, plus she really looks fabulous so she definitely has my vote!

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