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Out and About

Cherry, Baby!

Our budding actress takes her next steps....
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FashionKandi's Favorites

The June Cleaver Collective

I bare my soul a bit here.......
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ObservationsOut and About

The “Slow Lane”

Jocelyn gets a break from the Canadian COVID lockdown.
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Out and About

Fore! – Part 3

The dramatic conclusion of the Fore trilogy!
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Interview With a Difference Maker Version 1.3

Just when you think someone cannot be more brave, they step it up again!
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Out and About

All-Day Kandi

Not a bad way to go, out and about for about nine hours!
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Out and About

Love (In The Name of Pride)

I am truly blessed to have friends like Annie, Carrie and Sherry!
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Things We Have Done!

Our ladies tell us about those things they never thought they would do!
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Out and About

Fore!-Part 2

As I explained last week, my golf group goes on an overnight trip twice a year, and this time around I brought along my girl ...
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FictionOut and About

A Kandi’s Land Mystery

Enjoy this Kandi's Land mystery......
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Feeling The Love

My most amazing evening as Kandi ever!
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Out and About

Three Glorious Days!

We talked about the two terrific days on June 9 and 10 and yes indeed, we topped them both with a spectacular third day in ...
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