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What I Was Able to Accomplish in 2021

2021 was an incredible year!

Personally, 2021 was an incredible year! I was able to rise above many challenges. My father passed away. That is an emotional time for anyone, but there were all the associated issues and the need now to be cognizant of making sure my Mom is doing well and getting where she needs to go (she never drove her entire life). Also, like the rest of the world, the pandemic laid over us like a wet blanket. It’s never going away, sadly.

Here are a few of the things I was able to accomplish:

Qualifying for and being invited to run the 2021 Boston Marathon. Completely unthinkable a few years ago. I saw a window, my turning 60 gave me the absolutely necessary additional 15 minutes I needed to qualify. And then a COVID diminished application field allowed for all applicants to be accepted, which is very rare. I will apologize in advance if I yak too much about this, but to be an active participant in a top 20 U.S. sporting event is mind-blowing for me. And if I never accepted the woman inside of me, this never happens.

I am a working and PAID actress! I have been background in four different movies, six different scenes. I drew a paycheck for the upcoming Netflix movie “Wheat Germ” starring Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, directed by Noah Baumbach.

I am a viable and active improv performer. I took two cycles of improv classes and have participated in improv jams with seasoned performers, and I held my own. This coming Sunday, I am auditioning for an improv troupe!

I am a working model (if unpaid, for now)! I was able to walk two different fashion shows and will be in the upcoming spring/summer edition of Northeast Ohio Weddings Magazine in two different designer wedding gowns.

Kandi’s Land is growing exponentially! We are currently averaging approximately 465 hits per day since we moved the blog to its current web address. We will continue to build an online platform on Flickr, Facebook and coming soon, a Kandi’s Land YouTube channel (it’s actually now up and running. more on that coming soon!). Our purpose is to demonstrate that one can be themselves, do so publicly and do it with style, grace and class.

Soon I will be giving my first Kandi’s Land, Live! seminar. This was to occur at First Event in Boston this month. Sadly, First Event was scaled back to the point where it made no sense to attend for me and all the workshops were canceled. I have submitted the same proposal to Keystone. If you are interested in seeing this live, let Keystone know. They rejected the same proposal in 2019.

Another amazing Rock Hall Induction experience! You read the post here. An amazing and surreal weekend.

Awesome photo shoots! Photo shoots with Liz Baumgartner, Cassandra Storm, Alexa Art and the aforementioned magazine are or will continue to be featured here. I just did another shoot for a friend, quite experimental. You will, of course, see this soon!

Flew pretty four times! Quite uneventful (in terms of my attire) and very pleasant. I am now convinced I can go anywhere I wish dressed and experience no issues because of that.

Spent the aggregate of about a week dressed 24/7. Two trips to Washington, DC, and trips to Erie and Mississippi were done with zero male clothing packed. I took a few steps this year to make doing this comfortable for me.

Television? I was approached by a television producer and had a Zoom meeting with the LA-based production company. Will something come of it? Probably not, but we’ll play it out and see what happens.

When I say somethings were unimaginable only a few years ago, I mean that! Everything listed here, if you told me any one of them would happen, I would have told you that you had lost your mind. But I did them and I did them well. And I am extremely proud of myself for having done so. If you think I am bragging here, that is not my intention. It is to demonstrate that you can do many things as well, things you may think impossible. We here at Kandi’s Land do go out, we do set an example, we do so frequently. Personally, I was able to go out 122 times!

Now, how do I top this? I have a few ideas, a few irons in the fire…..

Check out the updated Marilyn page!


14 Responses

  1. Gosh, that’s quite a list! I think I’ve got rather a lot of catching up to do!

    Just goes to show that the only thing stopping us is ourself!

  2. Kandi,
    I know how modest you are and you did not mention this, but one of the major accomplishments you did in 2021 was drastically change the lives of others, for the good. You encouraged and supported many of us to blossom into the women that we can become. If not for you I would not be who I am today.

    Thank you so much, my dear friend.


  3. KANDI,




    1. Honestly Marie, the air travel thing is so overblown! A complete and utter nonissue. No different than walking through a mall. Thanks so much for your sweet comments always!!

  4. Kandi,

    Can we just declare you the “winner” and go home?!

    Congratulations on an exceptional list of accomplishments. You deserve all the recognition you are getting. I don’t know how you manage to juggle it all, and still have any time to be a male (not that you need that, butnI know some people in your life do). I will be thinking of you during the running of the Boston Marathon. Wow! You and Dee are runners par excellence.


    1. Trust me, if life were about winners and losers, in the aggregate with all I have been through, I would still be in the red. But I fight on! Thanks dear!!

    2. Thanks Lisa!

      As a runner, I am definitely NOT in Kandi’s league. I’ve done three marathons (no more; I’ve decided after three hours it’s no fun anymore), and the fastest (more accurately, least slow) of the three wouldn’t put me within two hours of qualifying for Boston. Only a handful qualify, and it’s a tremendous accomplishment to do so.

      I’m a tortoise, and ok with being a tortoise.

      It’s also fun to be a girl tortoise once in a while too!😀

      1. Hey, you are a triathlete! I am a one-trick pony. I would drown in the swimming and my hands would need amputation from the numbness of the bike riding portion of your event. I am simply Forrest Gump. 🏃‍♀️

  5. Kandi I’ve always admired you and how well you do things as Kandi, your fashion sense is top notch and your personality shines through in this blog
    I myself have totally accepted myself as me and like you I know when out I don’t pass but I am who I am.
    I’m becoming involved with a group of trans Christians and we are doing our best to support each other as we all know many church’s reject transgendered folks and to me that is sad

    Thanks much for all you do here for this community
    Love ya Rachael

    1. Please keep us apprised on your group. As I stated in a prior comment, the journey to get here had to mean something, so I do what I do. Otherwise, what was the point? And I believe there is a point.

      1. The group is a YouTube group
        Kimberly Beregrove trans Christian’s
        You should be able to find her channel

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