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Bar Crawl

I may be the luckiest girl in the world to have the friends I have!

My co-conspirator on this day suggested the post title (and it’s pretty much what happened).

So the week prior, our beloved Lisa P. came and visited me. Now my friend, Jennifer did the same. September 29, 2022 was a lovely day!

Jen flew in from Chicago to get some girl time and to meet that chick you see here.

After she landed, got to her hotel, finally got her room and did herself up, we got together. The first stop was a bar/restaurant I have been to a few times. Jen wondered if it was CD friendly. As you know, that never crosses my mind. We sat down, no heads spun around and the doll of a bartender (whom I had never previously met) poured us a couple glasses of wine. Call me “Love” and you have me in the palm of your hand.

I believe Jen enjoyed the experience of just “being” and ordered another round. It was wonderful getting to know each other better (we have exchanged various email conversations over the past few years).

My plan was to have a glass of wine, then hit the Rock Hall and then dinner with Jen and friends. I could not get the friends part of it to work for some very valid reasons. We headed downtown and I wanted to show Jen a few sites, we drove around a bit and we ended up in the Ohio City neighborhood (VERY LGBT friendly). We shopped a bit at one of my clothing exchanges and then hit a craft brewery across the street (initially to use the restrooms). We talked, one beer lead to another….

The funny thing, in our “regular” lives, we probably would not be friends, not enemies for any reasons, but our paths would never cross. Our mutual interest make us fast friends!

Then we headed to the restaurant I had planned for dinner. I am very friendly with the owner and she treated us like queens. After a great meal and more friendship, we headed to the local beach, just across the street. These pictures ensued!

Forgive the close ups of me…distance is my friend.

We then headed back downtown and stopped in the atrium to take pictures and again, use the restrooms and one final beer.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jen, I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon.

Jen, you are delightful, keep being you!

Here are a few Jen took in the atrium!

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s post by me. The common thread: friends! Lisa, my acting friends, Jen. How lucky can this girl be! Thank you all for your amazing kindness!!


7 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    I don’t really believe in luck.

    When people work hard and put in the extra effort then good things usually happen for them. Also if people are extremely good and helpful and caring to others, then they will get rewarded with even better things happening back to them.

    You have such wonderful friends and you experience such amazing situations because you first gave.

    It’s not luck Kandi, you are reaping your justly deserved rewards.


  2. Kandi,
    I enjoyed every second, minute, and hour of our adventure. You are a marvelous host and the city of Cleveland and the LGBTQ community have a gem with you ! I was so comfortable in Cleveland being authentic and I hope other gals get motivated to get out and mingle. To the bartender at the first spot, what a doll, gotta love her. Sorry Naylor about the world series! ( inside joke)

  3. You ladies look wonderful and having some girl time with another t-girl is always great
    I didn’t know it but today Oct 20th is Spirt day where we wear purple in support of our LGBTQ friends and such
    Well I actually wore fuchsia which is almost purple lol.
    Anyway what a nice story Kandi, maybe someday I will make a trip to Cleveland to see you, never say never

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