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We catch up on a few 2023 Dee-lightful outings (yeah, I am running out of ways to Dee-cribe these)....

By…who else?

Before I move forward to 2024, I need to catch up with a couple more fun outings from 2023, both with my GG friend Michelle. Both happened during a two week period when my wife was out of town; when the cat’s away…. (or as my GG friend Ms. Dee-ism says, when I have unsupervised time).

The first outing was the Sun-Dee my wife left. I dropped her off at the airport, and headed home to change to attend Tower Grove Pride in St. Louis. I decided on a bra top I had worn to Pride the year before (and was asked by a GG where I bought it), along with a white mesh cover (suggested by Ms. Dee-ism) and a green and white checkered skirt I had bought a few weeks before. 

Going along with Michelle and I were Michelle’s friend Marie (whom I had met before, and has gifted me with clothes she didn’t want anymore), and Marie’s teenage son, who is trying to figure out where he fits in the LBGT spectrum. I met Michelle at her house, then we picked up Marie and her son at Marie’s house for the half-hour drive.

Once we arrived, Michelle and I and Marie and her son went our separate ways. Michelle and I found some food and adult beverages, and found a table to snack, sip, and chat, while doing some people watching. Always lots of interesting outfits at Pride. After a couple of hours, Marie and her son were ready to go, so we headed back home.

Michelle and I had already decided we would also have a glam night out, so after I dropped her off, we agreed I would return later and we would head out. As my son lives with us, we agreed I’d dress at Michelle’s, which I have done on several occasions. 

I brought a couple of dress choices with me to Michelle’s, but she chose the strappy dark blue dress with the see-through cut-outs. The dress was one I found while shopping with my GG friend Renee during my March trip to Durham, North Carolina. It was a junior’s dress, on sale for $5, so pretty much a no-brainer to buy (plus, Renee always encourages me to expand my comfort zones, and this dress qualified). I paired it with black fishnets, Hand-Dee-Downs from Marie, and some spiky black studded heels I had found on sale about a month before.

Our first destination was Rehab, a LGBT bar Michelle and I had been to for Halloween 2021. The bar website seemed to indicate there was going to be a drag show, and Michelle is fascinated by drag artists. However, ’twas not to be, so after about a half hour we headed to another prior destination of ours, the Chase Park Plaza hotel. In March 2019, Michelle and I had a fun dinner and bar night at the Chase, and we hadn’t been there together since.

The Chase is a fairly ritzy hotel, so plenty of photo opportunities, inside and out (including the mirror in the bathroom). There weren’t a lot of people there, being somewhat late on a Sun-Dee night, but we could have drinks and some food on an outdoor patio near the Chase swimming pool. As it was a nice night, we sat and ate and drank, and as Michelle and I always do, talked.

Not quite as fancy as our 2019 dinner, but always fun to have a night out dressed up, especially with a companion as gorgeous as Michelle. Fortunately, we had another chance to do that about ten days later, which you’ll read about soon.


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  1. Dee, that looks like a fun night with Michelle at the Chase. It’s always amazing to me that you became BFFs, and both of you love to get glammed up for nights like that. Love the heels!

    1. You are only the second most amazed, but we have become BFFs.

      Indeed it is fun to get glammed up. Dreamed about it for a long time, and now i get to do it. Sometimes dreams do come true.

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