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It's Saturday, it's Gwen time!

For the sake of this post I’m referring to wealth creation.  But “RICH” is of corse, relative. We can be rich in many ways other than wealth.

There’s a creative power that flows within and through you, that fills the inner spaces, through the cosmos and permeates and penetrates and fills all the inner spaces. 


Let me explain…

Think of all of the space in the room you’re in. There’s more space than there are things in your room, aren’t there?

So, all of that empty space is the stuff from which everything is made. What does that mean? What’s in this space? Well, what’s in this space is the spirit of God, is the mind of God, is this “thinking stuff”. Don’t let your limited human intellect discard this as hocus pocus.

This is governed by natural law.

When you think of your desire, and you give your desire the attention it deserves and impress that desire upon this thinking stuff, this thinking stuff begins to respond immediately. Think of a radio station pulsing out a frequency through the air.  You can’t see it happening but it’s happening.  This is very similar.

The mind of God begins immediately to move desire into form. That’s governed by the Law of Gestation. You’re giving birth to your desire from an energy to physical form.  How long this “gestation” will take has many factors which I can’t go into here.

Essentially, you flip the switch to the frequency of your thought. You switch the frequency in calibration of our thinking, to make sure that you’re in tune with the thinking that will bring about your desire.

It pretty much doesn’t matter what you desire or are promoting. It’s not entering into the right business, doesn’t really matter. It’s not being in the right location, doesn’t really matter. And being in the right time, doesn’t even matter.

It’s not even wealth or capital. 

There are and have been plenty of others that are already doing what you want to do and have become wealthy, so why not you?  

You have that same power.  

They took action and increased the AMPLITUDE of the VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY of ABUNDANCE and BROADCASTED their desire to the universe through the space between the spaces that contains this INFINATE POWER.

What you think about, you bring about.

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to have these words I’ve posted here to land on your ears at a time where you are receptive, you are wealthy enough to be able to be rich.

Be Strong 💪 

Gwen Patrone


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