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Travelogue: Dee-Va Las Vegas, Wednes-Dee, Part Two

We continue living vicariously through Dee on this adventure!

In anticipation of traveling to Las Vegas–and my wife being away for a few days–I went out shopping the Wednes-Dee before my trip. I stopped at Plato’s Closet, not looking for anything in particular but something that might suit Dee-Va Las Vegas. I got lucky and found two different sequin dresses, each sixteen dollars. Both were targeted for someone a lot younger than me, making both of them extremely appealing to me (“What happens in Vegas….). One was a Windsor white sequin dress, the other a multicolored (mostly blue) dress from Akira.

I immediately realized both would be very short and very fun to wear, and I had to at least try them on. To my surprise, both fit. The Akira dress was extremely low in the back–not quite to my tailbone, but close–and there was no way I could wear a bra because the back would show. When I couldn’t decide between the two I decided to a) buy them both and b) figure out the boob problem later. I also found a more mundane item, a jean jacket, and packed all three for Vegas (have no fear, the white Windsor sequin dress will make an appearance in next week’s installment, Thurs-Dee).

Fast forward to Wednes-Dee night after dinner, and the perfect opportunity to wear my new Akira dress. I signed up for the Dee-Va Las Vegas tradition known as the limo night out. The organizers arrange for multiple limos to schlep the glammed-up attendees to three different Vegas locales. Like the others,, I signed up because it sounded like a fun chance to get dolled up, to see some Vegas nightlife, and to wear one of my new slinky dresses. 

Before this night, I had never attached my breast forms to my chest in any way, shape, or form. Often I don’t use forms, choosing to just wear padded bras, because they are easier to deal with (especially if you are changing into or from girl mode in inconvenient places, like cars).

I used double sided tape to attach the forms, and after some trial and error (like attaching the right-side form to my left breast, and having to swap it over), I managed to stick on the forms and then get the dress on and zipped up.  There was enough stickiness between the tape and the pull of the dress that I didn’t think the forms would succumb to gravity and fall out at the wrong time (and they didn’t while I was out).

The limo tour started at 10:00 PM and after some traipsing around with some of the others, trying to figure out exactly where we’re supposed to meet at the LINQ, we finally figured it out. I heard the body count was 26, assigned to four different limos. 

The limo drivers were all very fun, kind and considerate. OTOH, the Dee-Va attendees tended to live up to their Diva name. The organizers had assigned the Divas to certain limos, but the Divas had different ideas and chose who they wanted to ride with and in which limo. As I tend to be a rule follower (well, I do break gender rules about dressing from time to time), and as a Dee-Va newbie I didn’t know many of the others, I just went to the limo that I was assigned to. 

Consequently, I ended up with four of the organizers in our limo, which was fine with me.  Jennifer, one of the organizers, was somewhat agitated (the nice way of saying she was pissed off) by the others not listening, but eventually she calmed down when everything turned out ok. I figured we were all big girls and we could take care of ourselves–and I went to work on sampling the champagne the organizers had loaded on the limo (although I have found that for me alcohol and heels don’t play well together, but the champagne was tasty and I limited my intake).

The first stop was Fremont Street, the downtown area off The Strip with multiple older casinos, and a multi-block outdoor domed roof. As part of the Fremont Street Experience, they project images on the underside of the Dome. A recent addition are zip lines, so one can look up and see people flying by like Superman of old. We arrived around 10:30. There was a band playing on an outdoor stage, and as it was almost Halloween, the band members were dressed like vampires or ghosts. After playing a hard rock song, they broke into “Time Warp” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I think we Divas were amused by the music choice.

I’m not sure what the crowd reaction was to the appearance of around 25 individuals dressed a bit differently. Then again, it’s Vegas, so I’m sure they’ve seen lots of strange things (like Raider fans). Nothing untoward happened, and it was a fun stroll down the block amongst the others wandering around. I learned there is a Dee-Va Las Vegas tradition of four Divas posing for pictures in front of the Four Queens Casino sign, so I dutifully did my part. We strutted for about 20 minutes or so down Fremont Street, and then were picked up by the limos at a different location to ride to the next location, the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. 

As the welcome sign is a tourist attraction, we weren’t the only ones stopping on a Wednes-Dee night at around 11 PM to gaze and take pictures. Other groups had the same idea, so after getting out of the limos we waited our turn to take pictures with the sign. I shot a selfie and asked others to take my pictures, and I returned the favor for Joyce, another DLV newbie.

After our photo opportunities, it was back to the limos to head to the Bellagio, home of the water fountain light shows. It turned out we were too late for the last show, but that really didn’t matter. It was another chance for photos with Vegas backdrops like the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Casino. We then walked inside to an exhibit of all types of flowers arranged in all sorts of elaborate designs. 

I was walking and talking with Joyce, and to my surprise a young lady walked up to me and said that she really liked my dress, and of course I thanked her. While in the flower exhibit I took the opportunity to get my picture with Megan. As I mentioned last week, I met Megan at dinner at Carmine’s earlier that night, and she told me the story of meeting her fiancé Laura seven years prior at Dee-Va Las Vegas. Megan–and Megan’s dress–were too cute not to get a picture with her. 

We returned to the front of the Bellagio, ready to meet the limos again. While I was waiting, a second young lady, who had a child in a stroller (mind you, this is about midnight) complimented me on my dress and how good I looked. I thanked her and said I appreciated the compliments, and she just repeated that I looked really good. As I was two for two in compliments for the night, a big win. 

It was a short ride back from the Bellagio to the LINQ. While I was walking to my room there was a couple–man and a woman–at an information desk. The woman engaged me and said she loved my dress too, and we talked about why we were there (DLV).  So that made three compliments for the night.

I really didn’t want the night to end, as it was such a fun opportunity to wear a dress like the one I had on. Being Vegas, the place with no clocks, I went downstairs to the casino to play my normal video poker machines, still having a voucher for about $31, including my $11 in winnings from the other night.  While I was walking to the machine another young lady literally ran me down and said that she loved the dress, and I looked great in it, and I had great legs. For the night, I ended up with six compliments from women. I felt pretty good about my look. Obviously, if people (women) are coming up to you and saying how good you look, it’s pretty clear I wasn’t passing, and they knew exactly who I was. I didn’t care one bit. That’s the important message. If you’re in the right circumstances, people really don’t care. 

I finally called it a night about 3:00 a.m, and ended up getting to sleep about 4:00 AM (or 6:00 AM for my normal midwestern time). Needless to say, I’m usually not up that late. It was a bit of a stretch for me, but a very fun day and a very fun night.


6 Responses

  1. Dee,
    Let me be added to the list: you look great. And the shoes are a perfect complement to the dress.


  2. Hi Dee,
    It was so nice meeting you at Diva Las Vegas and so glad we had a little time to talk and get my photo of us. Your dresses were indeed gorgeous. You’ve got more nerve than I have. I’ve often thought about buying a dress that short but all I could think of was how would I be able to sit with out showing off my panties 😂. So fill me in… how does one sit with out showing off your undies? 😁.

    Trish ❤️

  3. With great difficulty?

    I wasn’t sitting that much and when I was it was mostly in the limo (or the casino afterwards). I just tried to pull it down as much as possible and still try to be somewhat lady like, and the fallback position was that it was Vegas. I haven’t had that much practice at wearing something that short so I was making it up as I went along.

    My friend Renee (see comment 3) told me a while ago to expand my comfort zone. She helped me buy a couple of fun junior’s dresses back in March and I love the sequin dress in my avatar. When I found the two I bought (the one next week is as short and almost as cute) at Plato’s Closet I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t wear them in Vegas.

    Plus, all the running and biking I do, combined with the heels, means I have pretty good looking legs (the girl at the casino was not the first person to tell me that). Might as well a short dress to show them off (in hose, of course).

    As memory serves, you had some fun outfits too. Fun meeting and talking with you too. Maybe we’ll have a repeat next year.

  4. I totally agree with you Dee regarding your legs. If you got then flaunt it. Vegas would definitely be the place to wear really short dresses and I did see a lot of girls wearing them both Cis and Trans. So you never know maybe next year we can compare hem heights. The loser buys the drinks 😂. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and the best of New Years.

    Trish 💖

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