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Three Weeks Ago, This Morning…

I remain very thankful for my treatment by all of those that I come into contact with.

A little tip of the hat to the fabulous John Oliver’s “Last Week, Tonight”. This guy is brilliant and completely in our corner.

So look who actually took a picture with me! BFF, or as I refer to her in my big empty (a Stone Temple Pilots reference) head, Biff. Sher, your good nature and of course, proximity, makes me a happy old lady.

April 13, 2023, one Sherry Greer aka Biff, texts me that morning that she has a spare hour for me. So of course, I cancel all my plans (it was only evening pickleball) and jump at the opportunity. It was an 80 degree April day, which means one thing: sundress! Except I am fat. Between the various medications I am on, my crappy running of late and too much of an appetite (okay, being a P-I-G, pig, an Animal House reference) I am ten pounds too heavy. When I am overweight, every single ounce sits on my belly. Enough already Kandi….no one cares. So I split the difference between the dress or dresses I would have preferred and went with this light, comfortable beauty.

I headed to my new happy place, Studio West 117, a few hours prior to Sherry’s triumphant arrival and took a wonderful photo shoot on the terrace. Then I worked, blogged and awaited my friend. Sher and I had a lovely time. I showed her my portrait on the wall (yes, I am DAMN proud of that). So here are the photos I took in my compromise sundress….

It killed me to go home as Sherry had to turn back into a pumpkin after our abbreviated outing, so I stopped at Target. I did have to pick up some things for a weekend meeting I was attending (snack-wise), so I stretched it a bit and enjoyed just browsing, in a store, in this dress, being me!


Some Keystone photos coming in after the related posts.


April 19, 2023, another day of unconditional love and acceptance. I had a doctor’s appointment and a fitting for my next two bridal shows, so I went with a lovely dress that buttoned up the front for ease of removal.

At the doctor’s office (not an office that I had previously been to) I was almost embarrassed at how well I was treated. From the woman checking me in (who asked how I wish to be referred to and then called me “Miss Kandi” thereafter, as we all know how I love being called THAT!), to the two assistants, to the doctor herself and the the amazing Concierge, who set up a procedure for me and a subsequent follow-up visit. Her daughter is gay, so she was effusive about my look and who I am. She even said that I am a woman, God bless her! A lovely experience, even if it was under circumstances I would rather not have to deal with. I won’t go into it unless I find out something is actually wrong, but I will say the bloodwork from a recent physical raised a red flag. I am not really concerned, but am going to make sure I have no real issues.

My next stop was for a cocktail, while awaiting my friend Nicole, with whom I had a bridal fitting. We had a wonderful time. Nicole is just a sparkplug and I know she will become a very successful actress! She is all of five feet tall, so she was concerned she would not be considered for modeling in a traditional sense. Well, I certainly am far from a traditional model! She will be rocking two fabulous dresses, as will I in the coming weeks.

Love, acceptance, courtesy, friendship, being smart, appropriate, confident and visible…….this day in a nutshell for me! I am indeed, truly blessed!!


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  1. You are just adorable in your two outfits
    And make it seem so easy
    Hugs, hope the dr report is all good news

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