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Pride 2022 (Dee-Style)


In mid-June I attended St. Charles (MO) Pride, helping staff (hard to say “man”) our St. Louis Gender Foundation booth. As there were both outdoor and indoor boothes, we were lucky ours was indoors in the air conditioned hall, as opposed to outside in the 95 degree temps on the parking lots.

One thing I noted on arrival; a fair number of police cars on hand. Whether that is “normal” (never been to this Pride before, and it hasn’t been held since 2019) or a reaction to the events in Idaho and elsewhere, I don’t know.

Lots of people in all color and stripes. While I was there our booth didn’t get a lot of traffic, but I had nice talks with a teen male and a mom from Transparent with a trans son (the son was there, and I would have never guessed he was trans).

Lots of kids too, many draping various flags. They seemed to be enjoying themself. Lots of vendors selling things for dogs, too.

I also got a couple of compliments on my outfit.

Guy me had a high school graduation to attend before Pride so my friend Michelle let me use her salon to change, even though she wasn’t there. I did take before and after pictures to text her; boy me walking in, Dee walking out.

Pride finished around 7:30 so Michelle and I agreed to go out for a drink after at our favorite bar. I went and picked her up but before we went I wanted to try on one of her dresses. She had sent me a picture of her in the dress with another friend Marie and another friend of Marie’s. Michelle dug the dress out of her closet and I squeezed into it.

Michelle suggested the pose on the couch and I wanted the one standing. The top Michelle was wearing she bought on a shopping trip we had about six weeks ago. When we go out together, she likes wearing her clothes we bought together, and in turn I often like to wear the clothes she has given me.

After the pictures I changed back into my dress and top and we went to the bar, where we were warmly greeted by the wife of the husband and wife who own the bar. The wife, Kim, gave us a full report of how successful their “Drag Queen Brunch” earlier in the day had been (FYI, this is NOT a LGBT bar). Another couple, friends of Michelle, met us at the bar. I had one drink and then skedaddled home.

I have told Michelle I reserve the right to borrow and wear that dress sometime in the future. Always fun to share a wardrobe with a friend.


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