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Secrets (Chapter Five)

The saga continues...

Friday might have been the longest day of my life. I couldn’t focus, and time seemed to drag. I finally decided to leave a half-hour early to hit the Y. On my way out my boss Sylvia said, “Have a good weekend. Got anything planned?”

If she only knew….

Saturday morning, after a restless night, I woke up and did my final prep. Shave with a razor and shaving cream, then with my electric razor. Hop in the shower, and shave my arms and legs. I was beginning to love the feeling of hairless arms and legs.

I dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants, as Alexa had suggested. She didn’t suggest panties, but I chose to wear my favorite pair of the ones Lori had given me. I also put on a pair of control top panties to make sure everything down there stayed in their proper place.

I packed my heels, the bra that matched the panties I was wearing, my wig, the top and skirt that Alexa had suggested, and the pantyhose I had bought into my gym bag. Finally it was time to go.

I was nervous walking into the salon but fortunately no one was in the reception area when I entered. A few seconds later, one of Alexa’s team entered the area and asked, “Dave?” I nodded, and she said with a smile, “Please follow me.”

I followed and was led into a room, where a smiling woman said, “Hi, I’m Michelle, and I’m going to do your waxing today.” Her voice was friendly with a distinct Southern accent. “I hear you are friends with Alexa, and that we’re treating you to a special day. Ready to get started?”

She had me sit on a bench and examined my face. “First I’m going to clean up the hair around your ears and nose, and then I’m gonna give you some girly eyebrows!”

I asked, “Do I have a say in this?” I wasn’t worried about facial hair, but my eyebrows?

Michelle said, “No. I’m just following the boss’s orders!”

She went to work, sticking wax on sticks into my ears and nose, waiting a few seconds, and then pulling quickly. It wasn’t painful, but a bit uncomfortable.

Next she found some strips and began waxing my eyebrows. After a couple of rips, Michelle held up a hand mirror, and yes I had girly eyebrows. I simultaneously loved and hated the look, fearful of the backlash post-Halloween.

Michelle then handed me a towel and told me to take off my t-shirt and pants, and to lie down on the table on my stomach, and cover my butt with the towel. She then excused herself while I stripped and then did what she asked.

I smelled an aroma that I guessed was scented wax. Michelle knocked on the door and entered. “Ever have your back waxed?” she asked.

“No” I answered. “Is it gonna hurt?” I asked.

“Not too much” she said with a smile. She went to work, applying the wax, waiting, and then giving me a warning, and “rip.” “That wasn’t too bad, was it?”

I just grunted.

It became more tolerable, and after about ten minutes of the torture, she had me flip over on my back, and started applying the wax to my chest. At this point, there was a knock on the door, and Alexa stuck her head and asked Michelle, “How is our client behaving?”

I stuck my tongue out at her and Alexa and Michelle laughed.

My chest hairs were stubborn and they came off reluctantly, but I tried not to whimper too much. I lowered my estimate of my pain tolerance by a couple of notches. Michelle did cleanup on a few strays, and I was hairless down to roughly my nipples. She handed me a bottle of lotion and asked me to rub it on my chest and back. The hairless feeling was a new experience, similar to my shaved legs a few nights prior.

I liked the look.

I asked Michelle if many men came in for waxing, and she answered “More than you would expect” then added “but usually only their backs.” She then said I was done and she would step out and I could put my t-shirt and sweatpants back on. I did–but not before I checked my new look out in the mirror.

There was a knock and Alexa stuck her head in the room again and asked, “Ready for your makeover?”

I just nodded, but internally I was thinking “I’ve been ready for twenty years.”

Alexa led me to the main part of the salon and had me sit on a tall stool and said Julie will be with you shortly. There were four or five other women in the room getting various treatments, but no one seemed to particularly notice me.

Julie walked up and introduced herself, and I noticed her makeup was exquisite, so I figured I was in good hands.

I was. I loved every minute.

Julie explained what she was doing, first lotion, then primer, foundation, concealer, powder, eye primer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, rouge. The last step was lipstick, asking me to pucker, press my lips together, etc. I was taking mental notes the best I could, trying to remember each step. She was patient and kind and bubbly, asking me questions about the Halloween party, telling me how good of a boss Alexa was, and how much fun I was going to have. I was facing away from a mirror–she said that was Alexa’s orders–so I couldn’t see the progress.

Finally, she was finished, and brushed through my wig, placed the wig on my head and brushed some more. Then with a big smile, she said “Done” and asked another staffer to chase down Alexa.

Alexa walked in and didn’t say anything, but just broke into a big smile and clapped her hands and with a big smile said, “Fabulous” and congratulated Julie. Julie was smiling too.

I was in torture. How did I look?

Alexa extended the torture by telling me to close my eyes, and she was going to take me in a room to get dressed before I could see myself. I said “No fair” but she just stuck out her tongue and said “close your eyes,” so I did. She then took my arm and escorted me about fifteen to twenty steps, telling me to wait. I heard a door closing and she said “You can open your eyes now. “

I saw the outfit I had brought lying out on a chair. Alexa said “You’ll be happier seeing yourself made up if you’re dressed” and I saw her point. She then said she’d help me get dressed, so I wouldn’t mess up the makeup. I was a bit embarrassed, even more so when she said to strip my bottoms off–including the panties–to put on the pantyhose. She said the hose would sit better under my panties, and smiled and said as they were control top hose they would help keep certain parts of me in better control.

Fortunately, she did turn her back, and I managed to put on the pantyhose without incident, and put on the panties and control panties, and the skirt. I told Alexa she could turn around.

“Almost there” she said. She helped me remove the t-shirt without disturbing the wig or makeup, then had me hold out my arms to help me into the bra and she fastened it in the back. Next she handed a pair of foam rubber inserts to insert into the cups, and then carefully helped me into the top, again not touching the wig or makeup.

She stepped back, smiled, and said “Nice.” Her eyes were smiling too.

She handed me my heels and I slid them on.

“Ready for the big reveal”? Alexa asked.

Nervous and excited, I could only nod my head.

“Yes” I answered. “Ready?” “Absolutely”, I answered.

She took my arm again and we walked again, and then told me to stop. She said on the count of three I could open my eyes.

“One!” “Two!” “Three!”

I opened my eyes, saw myself in the mirror–and saw there were ten others in the room smiling and applauding.

It was me, but it wasn’t me.

I looked better than I thought I would. I could see the guy underneath, but it was struggling to erase the girl me.

And the girl me was smiling, big time.

I noticed Alexa taking pictures on her phone, which was actually video as I found out a few minutes later. I heard lots of “Wow”s and “You look great”s and I had a giddy, stupid smile as I looked at myself in the mirror.

Next it was pictures of me and Michelle, and me and Julie, and me and Alexa, and just me. The others returned to their stations–both assistants and customers–and resumed their services.

Finally Alexa asked me, “How do you feel?”

“Great. Better than I ever guessed. Wondering why I waited so long to do this. You were right, I will remember this for a long time” I said. “I can’t thank you enough.”

Alexa simply said, “Your smile is thanks enough.”

She then handed me her phone. It was a text to Lori with my picture and the text back was “Beautiful and you look great, I want those clothes back!” with two smiley faces.

I texted back, “No way, you aren’t getting these back. They’re mine!!!”

The phone pinged with two more smiley faces, and I handed it back to Alexa.

She then smiled at me and asked, “Ready to get your nails done?”

Forty-five minutes later, courtesy of Michelle, I had beautiful nails with a dark red color that matched my lipstick. During the time I was having my nails done the other customers who were finishing up would walk up and tell me how great I looked, and wished me a Happy Halloween. In a little over two hours I looked like a princess!

As it was just after noon, Alexa walked up to me and said “our Saturday tradition is to order lunch next door.” She handed me a notepad and said, “Your job is to walk around and write down the orders of all the staff, and I’ll go online and order them”–she then smiled at me–“and you can walk over and pick them up!”

I felt like a non-swimmer being thrown into the deep end of the pool.

Watching me panic, Alexa said not to worry, that I looked great, and nobody would care.

But to tease me a little more she added, “You might want to come up with a name, because it might be a little curious when you walk over and ask for a pick-up for Dave.”

I walked through the salon taking orders. I found my phone in my gym bag, went online and placed the order. It was a pretty easy decision to pick up the tab after all the staff had done for me. It was much harder to fill in the blank for the name of the order. After a few minutes I decided the path of least resistance was to just use my first initial, and I typed in “Dee” and placed the order. My phone pinged and the automated text said the order would be ready for pickup in fifteen minutes.

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2 Responses

  1. Dee,
    Finally a dream has come true , I’m so pleased for you .
    So the question is given the chance could you do it everyday ? I would guess it would be a NO even if you wanted to , the prep time alone is wonderful but too long .

    I’ll accept it’s for a special occasion and the offer was irresistible so glad you took up the challenge .

    Now consister I do this everyday , I get up about 7.30 am and I meet my dog walking friends about 9.30 and if not I’m usually shopping before 10.00am . Do I cut some corners ? I base my appearance on how other women present themselves . Obviously they don’t have to shave their body everyday but apart from that I apply my makeup , select my clothes , pop my wig on , have breakfast and I’m good to go . At the other extreme how quick can I do it ? On one occasion my sister in law rang saying she was heading into town and could we meet for coffee in twenty minutes . In that time I applied my makeup , got dressed and drove into town , my SIL looked me up and down and said , ” you look nice ” . I did feel a little thrown together but I’d proved the near impossible was possible .

    The point I’m making is once down this road looking good is fine but don’t always try for perfection because the majority of women don’t , so you may stand out for the wrong reasons rather than the right ones .

  2. Just a reminder this is a story, in part based on my experiences, but a larger part based on my imagination.

    I’ve had three makeovers, all at Sephora. The second one, back in October 2016, was done by a MUA named Julie and she was fabulous and taught me so much. I have been back to Sephora many times since, including this past Friday when I needed more foundation (went as guy me; not an issue).

    Yes, there is a Michelle (OMG there is a Michelle) and she is from Arkansas (and talks like it) and she owns a salon–but believe it or not, this story was kicking around in my head before I met her five years ago. And, as I have written in my posts, she has waxed me several times (and yes it stings a bit–but if you are going to wear backless dresses, like I did Friday night when we met for drinks, being hair free is a much better look).

    No, the idea of full time doesn’t appeal. Being a guy is easier; shorter hair (cooler) for my athletic endeavors, less prep time, etc. I have shortened my prep time for when I go out, and find less is more when it comes to makeup. But I do savor my opportunities to get pretty and go out in a cute outfit.

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