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Everyone shares a fundamental need for money to fulfill basic necessities such as food, shelter, and security. Almost every aspect of human life is influenced by the presence or absence of financial resources. 

Yet, this often triggers negative perceptions about money, like associating wealth with immorality or glorifying poverty as a virtue. Such beliefs, often adopted unconsciously, paint money in a negative light. 

However, money is essentially a concept, a symbol of agreed value, used for exchanging goods and services of similar worth. It’s akin to currency, a term derived from “current,” suggesting flow, like a river’s current. Money is intended to be circulated. 

Envision the life you aspire to – a life filled with joy, health, comfort, and exploration. Attaining this requires financial means. Our spiritual essence drives us to express and expand our talents and resources provided by the divine. 

To enjoy life, express ourselves, and live without financial worry, money is essential. Many experiences in life are unobtainable without money.  The purpose of life is to grow. Money helps us do that. 

Unfortunately, a vast majority have either received inadequate or incorrect education regarding finances, impacting their understanding and relationship with money.  

The vast majority of people have been severely under-educated, and even worse, wrongly educated in this area. Recognizing this, it becomes crucial to educate ourselves about money, shifting our perspective from seeing it as a necessary evil to understanding its role as a tool for achieving a fulfilled and balanced life. 

IMPORTANT>> Money, in its right use, can be a powerful force for good. 

Let’s embrace this understanding and use it to create a life. 

Dr. Gwen Patrone


One Response

  1. Gwen,
    Personally I see money as a means to be independent , not to be a burden on the state or your family any luxuries are the pleasureable extras but not necessities . I take care of my money because it has been hard earned .

    Of course money has a bad press because it can lead to greed , corruption and powerlust , it’s possibly debatable if education helps or not with those traits .

    I’m sure most children are brought up with the notion of saving for a rainy day , to have something put by when the going gets tough .
    Sorry I don’t agree with money needed to enjoy life , good health , comfort and exploration , poor people aren’t exempted from those basics of life . Micheal Palin featured in his Sahara book a tribe in Africa who lived in old wooden explosive boxes left over from the mining community . When he asked why they were so happy they replied, ” “God has given us all this what more do we need “.

    Somedays I wish I could live without the need for money , I’m saddened by the fact that some of the world is still a begging bowl and much of the other part is misusing money to blow what remains off the face of the Earth .

    Perhaps we should consider doing away with money and instead live in a peaceful world of TRUE freetrade .

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