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Honoring Our Heroes this Memorial Day Weekend

Thank you Gwen for your service!

With Memorial Day approaching, let’s pause to remember and honor the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. As a former USMC sergeant, I know firsthand that freedom is not free; it comes with a price. 

Far too many have forgotten the true meaning of this national holiday. 


This Memorial Day, let’s reflect on the profound courage, dedication, and selflessness of our fallen heroes. 

 🪖 A Legacy of Bravery and Sacrifice 🪖 

While at Parris Island USMC boot camp from May – Aug 1981, we weren’t just taught fighting skills. We were taught history and respect not only for those who came before us but those who willingly died first our great country and its ideals. Do we have a ways to go? Yes, always. Of course it’s not a perfect union, but there’s nothing out there even close to what America stands for. 

The Sergeant stood on the stage and told us the history of Chesty Puller a multiple Medal of Honor recipient and many battles our fellow marines fought. 

From the battles fought on distant shores to the quiet acts of heroism here at home, our servicemen and women have stood tall in the face of adversity. Their unwavering commitment to our nation and its ideals is a testament to their strength and character. They have given up their todays for our tomorrows, ensuring that we live in a land of liberty and opportunity.

 🎖️ We Owe Them Our Gratitude 🎖️ 

It’s easy to take our daily freedoms for granted, but it’s important to remember the cost of these liberties. The ability to speak freely, to pursue our dreams, and to live without fear are all gifts made possible by those who have served and sacrificed. We owe them not only our gratitude but also a commitment to honor their legacy by upholding the values they fought to protect.  

🌟 We Will Never Forget 🌟 

On this Memorial Day, let’s take time to: 

Visit memorials and pay our respects. Share stories of the heroes we know and love.  

Support veterans and their families in our communities. 

Reflect on the importance of peace and the efforts required to maintain it. By doing these things, we ensure that the memories of our fallen heroes remain alive in our hearts and minds. Their legacy is a beacon of hope and a reminder of the power of unity and sacrifice. 

 🙏 Honoring All Who Have Served 🙏 

Let’s also remember the families of the fallen, who have endured unimaginable loss and continue to carry the weight of their loved ones’ sacrifice. Their strength and resilience are truly inspiring. 

Today and every day, let’s commit to being worthy of their sacrifice. Let’s strive to build a nation that reflects the ideals for which they fought and died.

 United in Remembrance

Together, we can ensure that the legacy of our heroes endures for generations to come. Their bravery has paved the way for our freedom, and it is our duty to honor their memory with our actions and our lives. 

 Dr. Gwen Patrone


7 Responses

  1. GWEN,

    Thank YOU for the reminder. As a veteran of 32 years and having served with members of all four services I can attest to the validity of your comments.


  2. For those of us who are combat veterans every day is Memorial Day. Unfortunately, Memorial Day for many has turned into another three-day weekend with no observance for the fallen. Decades ago my son’s Boy Scout troop would hold a remembrance at the monument outside the local public library for those who died in World War 2. The number of names engraved on the monument is almost shocking considering the small geographic area in represents. I looked up the information concerning my platoon and company mates who died in combat and the vast majority of them were not even eligible to vote in a presidential election.

    1. I don’t want to come off sounding old or crabby, but the current generation has no idea of the sacrifices made for their freedom.

      I was am one generation removed from those brave souls, but I know and and deeply appreciate their sacrifices.

  3. Memorial day is a special day for me. 5 of my friends and I went to Vietnam. We all were drafted. 3 of us came home. I think of the 3 who didn’t come home often. Monday I will go to the village green and think why I came home and they didn’t. God bless all the veterans.

  4. Gwen,
    It’s so good to see Kandi allowing you to pay tribute when other forums don’t allow it , we should never forget those who paid the ulitmate price for the freedom of others . The one down side is some haven’t learn’t the lessons from the past , the World is still not at peace .
    We really are the lucky ones to be able to freely discuss transgender issues when some parts of the World fear the mention of it , this is our personal battle which we mustn’t give up on .

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