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Okay, this should have run on July 4....

I am Red, White and Blue LGBTQ.🌈

I live my dreams every day. I wake up each morning with a great sense of enthusiasm and expectation because the country that I live in gives me the freedom to pursue my dreams to their fullest extent.

I am proud to be an American.  This country has come so far since its inception and blazes a gold standard of equality, freedom, and liberty for the rest of the world to strive for.  This struggle is never complete and of course, there’s always improvement to be made but through love and respect for one another, we can overcome anything!

I believe we, as LGBTQ Americans, MUST SPEAK UP and voice our opinion.  We must STAND UP for what is right, which is to let the world know who we really are. However, we must do so with dignity.

We have the right and the obligation to voice our feelings and opinions.  These rights were fought and died for through over 200+ years of struggle.   By not utilizing these gifts, we do those that died to provide us these rights a disservice.  We owe it to them to not waste ourselves.  I know that each day brings me closer to realizing my full potential and I am filled with hope and positive energy.

My life as an Trans American is wonderful and gets better each day. To be on the Earth in this wonderful land is a gift, and I enjoy it immensely. I take time every day to remind myself just how awesome my life is.

I am more than average. I am a conqueror of all challenges. I know that living my dreams requires dedication and effort and I appreciate the opportunity that America gives to me to even be able to elevate myself because in so many parts of the world this dream would not even exist and I’d be persecuted.

Today, as a Red, White and Blue American, I renew my commitment to living my dreams. I am grateful for what I have and the blessings to come. I am unstoppable. I am living my dreams more and more each day.

Be Strong. 💪

Gwen Patrone 



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