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Good Day, Bad Day, Good Day….

Some days you wish you could hit the reset button.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything went well, then took a complete 180? May 29, 2022 was that day.

I got up early and played pickleball with my cadre of friends and new acquaintances. Fun as always and I played pretty well.

Then I had a cup of coffee with a dear friend whom I accidentally outed myself to a few months back. If I were to select someone to share my secret with, it would be her. We had a wonderful conversation, simply two ladies chatting (I was not dressed at the time, in my sweaty pickleball garb).

The day got off to a great start! I was to have dinner with some new friends that evening, which we will get to shortly. Our daughter was staying with us for a day as she attended a wedding for a friend locally. She was wise to have me schlep her across town so she could Uber home knowing she might have a few. Unlike her mother and I, she awoke sometime after noon.

By about 2:00, she realized her phone was missing. We spent two hours once we realized she left her phone, her license and her debit card in the Uber. What you don’t realize when this happens is that the phone holds all the information that you require to get the phone back because Uber has ZERO human beings actually working for it (the drivers are 1099’s). No one will help you but chatbots.

Long story short, she heads back home (two hour drive) thinking she needs a new phone, license and new cards from the bank. This is also the first day back at work for my wife, remaining unbalanced, with no hearing in one ear. I am worried about her. I am involved with finding the phone. I have to get ready for dinner as one of the friends I agreed to meet was in town from Philadelphia and I didn’t want to cancel, plus it was a new experience for Sabrina. We move forward, seemingly defeated.

Also, both neighbors are having pre-Memorial Day parties. I live on the end of a cul-de-sac, so one neighbor’s deck looks directly into my garage and the path off the street is past a bunch of other party-goers. F@*k! Now I cannot leave as Kandi (this is an infrequent occurrence, but always a risk). I get dressed, no lipstick, no wig, no earrings and take off.

The phone rings. The Uber driver has the phone and we agree to meet. Now I have identified myself as the father of the phone owner. I pull over, do my lipstick, get the hair on my head (looking like crap) and meet the driver. She was lovely, as I approached her and asked that she didn’t judge me. Now I need to pay her and I almost never carry cash. We go to a local ATM, I handsomely compensate her and now I take a breathe and take a few of my obligatory photos.

Here is one of my worst photoshoots and an outfit that I simply couldn’t get right given the crappiness of the day.

I meet my friends Sabrina (whom you have all just met), Stephanie and Jen. Dinner was wonderful, but I was simply off. Ironically I proceeded to lose my phone in the ladies room (which someone was kind enough to return to the hostess), I was distracted and frankly cranky, in a way these lovely ladies did not deserve. If Stephanie hadn’t been in town from Philly, I would have cancelled. Thanks girls for tolerating me.

Of course, if it could go bad, it did. My route back home was closed due to an accident. I finally got home to discover something that happened which I will not describe here, but I had ruined my white skirt. The day from heaven turned into the day from hell.

Life, it always has a surprise for us. We soldier on.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Kandi,
    All we can say about crap days is the great days stand out even more , one consolation we all have crap days .
    What to say about male mode ? It’s something I have to accept about three days a year and usually for a few painful hours , at the moment it’s the only way I see my grandsons . So I have the reverse situation with my neighbours I just don’t want to be seen in male mode , I have to check the coast is clear and then speed out of my estate as quickly as possible .
    If only I could clear all my male clothes out then the problem is solved but I love my grandsons too much , I patiently wait for the day when they finally decide the time is right to tell them .

  2. I think the saying goes
    Some there will be days like this.
    Sounds like you did all you could to make the most of it.
    Otherwise, love the outfit

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