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No, I haven’t started a new religion, although I guess if I had a religion based on my Dee persona, it would center around worshipping dresses and heels.

Instead, it is a term I credit to a friend of mine. For privacy reasons, I don’t share her name. She’s the ONE person from my male life whom I’ve told about Dee. That was about a year ago, and it could not have turned out better. She felt honored that I shared my secret with her.

Since then, as she prides herself on wordplay, sprinkled throughout our text conversations are her “Dee-isms”, words or phrases with Dee substituted for words or letters. She suggested the Crocodile Dun-Dee title from a couple of Sun-Dee’s ago, and was very proud to see that in print (and Kandi was envious she didn’t think of it first).

Of course this all started with Kandi, or should I say Kan-Dee (and once again, I suspect our hostess will be disappointed she didn’t think of that first!), when she started calling my posting day Sun-Dee. But my friend has taken it to a new level, which often leaves me laughing.

Time for examples.

1. We’ve been swapping information about investments, retirement planning, and such fun things (not!) as choosing Medicare plans. Her husband is retiring soon, and my friend handles the finances for them, and she is a worrier about stuff like this. I do my best to talk her off the ledge. We also mix in discussions of clothes, and I’ve asked to borrow a larger carrying bag of hers when I fly pretty again later in March, so it’s not all serious stuff.

I texted her I would be emailing her something I had written about investments, my DYI (do it yourself) approach to investing.  Her reply? 

“Investments and Dee-rivitives. Or Dee-versification of assets.”

I tried to answer in the same spirit. 

“Dee-finitely Dee-versification.”

But she was quick with the reply.

“Does your DIY come with a Dee-ploma for those who complete it?”

Giving up, my only answer was “LO-flipping-L” (that’s a slightly cleaned up version).

Back came, “I am smokin’ on these! Wham BAM!!!! 🎯”

To which of course I replied “Thank you Ma’am” (courtesy of David Bowie, who pushed the gender boundaries in his day).

2. Another exchange was when I first arrived in Australia and described my day. The reply? 

“Hmmmm. Tennis. Tea. Biscuits. Sounds like it’s pretty nice Dee-own under.”

3. My friend is an early riser and reads my Sun-Dee blog page regularly; I think it’s a staple with her Sunday morning coffee. She’s also met frequent guest star Michelle, and is now a client of Michelle’s, and they have hit it off.

This exchange was from my trip to Hawaii in November. I sent a couple of pictures of bikini Dee, and this text:

“I assume you saw the blog today. Michelle and I had fun that day. Give her a hug for me on Tuesday.”

The reply back? “Deeeee-serving indeed!! Awesome pics. Did see and enjoy today’s Sun-Dee blog…love those red sneakers, which you already knew. Glad you have some Hawaii Dee time.  time. Really appreciate that you share pics with me too, super cute swimming suit!”

My response: “I wasn’t sure you were comfortable with me sharing them, so have not sent many.”

And hers: “I am SO comfortable. Un-Dee-niably.” 

4. One last one. Given the time differences the last two months, she is often rising while I’m heading to sleep. Often her last message?

“Night Dee’Night.” 

I could give a lot more examples, but that would hide my real message today.

While I love (love love) the many word plays, I appreciate even more that a friend of 30 years, the only person guy me has told, accepts, supports, and boosts me. For many like me, we fear rejection from people. It is wonderful to get acceptance–not only from this friend but others like Michelle and Renee and others I have written about.

I think my dressing amuses my friend to no end. I am pleased it does. 

To my word play friend, thank you so much. It’s not a coincidence this is appearing on a weekend that we are spending together. I know you’ll be up early, and will want to see what I have written–and this one is definitely for you. 


Editorial comment: 😊


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  1. Update: Woke up to the following text from said friend:

    “Morning. What a…….Won-Dee-ful today’s Sun-Dee edition. Warms my heart. Thanks!!! How very special!”

    So two happy campers here at our Airbnb…

    Plus we both like your comment, Cali….

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