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Could I Live Without Kandi?

Forced to think a little...

Another rerun, rethought, rewritten and updated.

If for some reason, you had to stop being Kandi and live solely as your male self could you really do it, and how would you approach getting rid of your feminine self?

Could I really do it? Yes, I did it for almost 50 years of my life. I’ve done so for long stretches where “cheating” was not possible. Now doing it and being happy doing it are two very different things. I’d probably revert back to some of my obvious things that I did because I wasn’t very fond of myself, maybe grow a beard, probably put on weight, disdain being photographed and or even noticed. Pull back into myself more.

Could I get rid of my feminine self? I don’t think of myself as feminine, more like that being a component of me. Could I get rid of it? Of course not! We all know it never goes away, no matter how much we try. Alcohol doesn’t kill it. Risk taking doesn’t make it go away. Hyper masculine occupations or activities make no difference. I have said this here and in other places, if I could take that magic pill and make this all go away, I would do so in a heartbeat. I still believe that even with the joy I have found as Kandi. There would be no questions asked. It would just make my life easier. Also, if I were to get rid of these feelings, that pall that hung over me would then not exist and the true me, the gregarious, outgoing and loving person that exemplifies itself through Kandi, would be me!

One thing I know I would have to do if I had to shut Kandi down: stay offline! The internet has been wonderful for letting us all know we are not alone, it has been wonderful for allowing us to connect all over the world. But it is also pervasive, it seeps into our psyches. Over recent holidays I spend much more time online simply because I have much more free time during a time of the year that the weather is not that great. So I troll around beyond my usual haunts and it just gets my mind spinning. My ability to manage these feelings over the course of my life were when the internet wasn’t around and/or I simply didn’t look too much at CD and CD-related sites. Technology……a dual edged sword.


Bonus post: No real story, Just went out and ran some errands on February 5, 2022.

One stop was the wonderful Gina’s Wigs and Salon when Gina evaluated all of my wigs. many were tossed and the “good” ones kept. I needed someone with a good eye for these things to help me get my collection under control.


10 Responses

    1. Thank you Connie, I appreciate that! It’s funny, I have been able to do some (in my opinion) spectacular photo shoots of late. I post daily on Flickr and those photos get a modest reaction. But when I post something like this, people love it! Sometime simple is indeed best!!

  1. Fantastic post, I could have written every single word myself and, at long last, I’ve found someone who would sit next to me while I take the pill! It is a complex life with much joy but it would be so much easier if that joy could be channelled into our ‘normal’ life (whatever ‘normal’ actually means) and save us the frustrations that are there when ‘she’ is pulling one way and ‘society’ the other!

    And you’re bang on about technology too! It well and truly has its tentacles wrapped around me and ensures that any attempt I make to even cut back on this side of my life is doomed to a quick crash and burn.

  2. Kandi, I agree with your response to the question. I could do it, but I don’t think I would be happy. And I certainly would need to keep away from a lot of online communities, emails, shopping sites, etc. I actually think it would be more work to do all that than to continue on my current path!

    That’s a cute outfit for a simple day of errands, I do like the striped top.

  3. Not being as we are I think brings up to those who don’t get us understand this is not a choice it just is
    I don’t know why nor do I believe I ever will know
    Yes I’ve done without and yes I would gladly let it all go with that pill
    But there is no such thing so I go put my panties on and just move on
    Great topic Kandi

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