Fashion speaks for itself!  It encompasses the overall look one achieves with a particular outfit and all the ancillary parts of that including but not limited to the purse, shoes, jewelry, etc.


How to Pose for the Camera – Part 1

My friend Nora conducts a world class seminar for us!

Tina’s Recovery Photo Shoots

Tina debuts on the new blog, although she's been with us before, we're so happy to hear from her here!!

Yeah, They Do!

We bring you another product review for The Breast Form Store!!

Pretty Special

I was in a dress for almost 10 hours and I never once stopped to think about it. I just....was, was me, was a woman, ...
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Photo Fun!

I am on a local arts web site and they send out daily emails about anything in the art community. Auditions. Looking for help with ...
FashionOut and About

When The Dress Fits

By Lisa P. What girl doesn’t dream of her wedding and wedding dress? I had the first without the second; or rather, I was able ...
FashionOut and About

Kindness Always

Word to live by. An adorable t-shirt I recently picked up and with a specific outfit in mind. The great love I feel at Piece ...

The Cherry on Top!

We spend a great deal of time on our presentation.  We all want to look just perfect, pretty.  We love complements.  We want to be ...