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Yeah, They Do!

We bring you another product review for The Breast Form Store!!

They say blondes have more fun.  I am not sure I believed that until this day.  Now I know, they do!

I had the opportunity for a fun little photoshoot at a local dance studio on what ended up being a beautiful spring day.  I knew what dress I wanted to wear, a pretty little purple dress that felt youthful and showed off my best assets.  While I am not the youngest woman out there, I do know how to put together a youthful presentation.  I just loved how everything tied together, my makeup, the watch, bracelets, the adorable earrings, my finger and toe nails, wedges, just one cute girl!  But something was missing?

So what does a girl do?  She calls The Breast Form Store!

As you may have recently read, I had quite a bit of success with a Mane Attractions wig.  Time to do it again!  This time I selected the Seduction wig, with a lace front made from a thin lace film which helps to create the appearance of a natural hairline, and can help create a customized fit.  Now what color……Butternut!  I gave me that blonde feel and looked so natural on me!  I was over the moon!

What I loved about it was how it framed my face, feminizing my features and leaving me very relaxed and comfortable during the shoot.  I could just be me, be the girl I was always meant to me, the girl I am!!

This is what makes me so happy!  Before I headed to the studio, I took a few photos at home and was so pleased with the results.  Then to be in that studio, one-on-one, with a wonderful photographer!  The poses!  The props!!  It was a dream and I could not have enjoyed it more if I didn’t have that confidence from my friends at The Breast Form Store!

I think you can see from the photos here that I was able to just let loose and the results, if I say so myself, were spectacular!!

It was so great outside I took a few more photos in a local park.  The sun, my dress, nothing better!

You too can look this great!  Check it out at


18 Responses

  1. I really like the new wig, Kandi. Also, your stories are so full of joie -de-vivre they can’t help but inspire one to get out and enjoy life. The polka dot dress in yesterday’s post looked so appropriate for a sunny, warm day. Take care. Frannie

  2. Oh my what a fun time, love that cute dress, I’m always afraid to wear something like that as you say maybe to old.
    You look lovely in it my dear and as always that great Kandi smile

  3. You always have so much fun (blonde or not), it shows in your own pictures as well as the professional ones. That smile and sunny disposition never fail to make me smile. The blonde wig does brighten your face, and the dress is so cute – sending a virtual hug is the most I can do right now. ❤🤗

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