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Cali returns with practical fashion advice.

By Cali

I just wanted to write about bodysuits. They are some of my favorite items in my wardrobe. But I don’t see any of you girls mentioning them.

Many of you might have a one piece undergarment that is also called a bodysuit; however, I want to write about the bodysuits that are worn on the outside. Bodysuits have 2 snaps in the crotch area, and you pull them over your head and snap them into place. With the right bodysuit, they can hold things in and help to define your butt cheeks; just don’t wear thongs or g-strings. And with the right underwear you may not need to unsnap to use the restroom.

Bodysuits come in all sorts of styles, colors, and textures. Any blouse you can find you can also find a bodysuit in the same style. I have sleeveless, long sleeve, puffy shoulders, etc. bodysuits, cotton, velvet, lace, etc. One of my new favorites are the high compression body contour bodysuits by Express. I use them as a base layer and the fabric gives me a nice smooth silhouette. And with the right jeans, a great @ss. They also go great with skirts too.

I like a bodysuit especially in winter because it stays in place and wont ride up your back when you bend over. However, unlike the undergarment variety, most bodysuits will expose your hips, so wear the appropriate clothing.

Here are some other things to consider.

  • Women’s torsos are shorter than men’s, so I either get a TALL bodysuit or go up a size. And sometimes going up a size is not enough.
  • Some people might have trouble snapping the garment. But with practice, this gets easier.
  • It will take longer to use the ‘facilities’, so you will need to plan ahead.

No one said women’s fashion was easy.

If you haven’t tried one, you should.


8 Responses

  1. I’ve got a couple of bodysuits in my wardrobe yes and like you I love them
    Yes they are comfortable and do a good job hiding things
    Yes many styles out there as they have come back into style from the 80s

  2. Cali,
    I’m very conventional as far as underwear is concerned obviously my bra retains my forms and I simply use contol panties over normal panties to keep verything neat and tidy . I admit I do like to wear a full length slip or a silk cami with trousers , otherwise that’s it .
    For a moment I thought you were refering to the silicon bodysuits , not really practical for a fulltime girl !

    1. Teresa,
      Although there are underwear bodysuits, bra and girdle in one, I am refering to outer wear here. I don’t like my top riding up to revealing the top of my panties or when you bend over to pick up something. My long sleeve turtleneck bodysuits are my go-to top in the winter, and my sleeveless turturlenecks are great for fall and spring. But I also have some that have fluffy sleeves, henleys, sweetheart and v-wire necklines, …
      These are very practical for a full time girl. I just check a mainstream store and they had 197 different kinds bodysuits for sell (none underwear).

      1. Cali,
        Sorry Cali I understand your description now , some look like Tshirts but as you say there is no reveal when bending over . I guess I’m lucky being 5′ 7″ , so I’m shorter in the back but still take care with the right choice of trousers or jeans , hipsters don’t work well . It’s why I prefer skirts as they sit higher on the waist even with Tshirts , bending over isn’t a problem but then we should bend at the knees to be correct .

        I do recall setting up for a wedding fair some years ago , the lady on the opposite stall was wearing low cut hipsters , when she bent over her thong didn’t cover much up !

  3. In what category do you put the good old fashioned “teddy” into? Bodysuit or underwear? I say it depends. Going back to my younger years as a crossdresser (30+ years ago), I would say definitely underwear. But now you see some crossover occurring with women wearing teddy’s as outerwear. Who would of thunk?

    Rita Amore

    1. Good question Rita.
      Back in the day, 35+ years ago, I had a satin teddy that I wore as sleepwear. My ex-wife ‘donate’ it to me and I still have it. I have a Victoria’s Secret black lace teddy I’ve had for 10 ish years. I sleep in it sometimes. I can use it under a sheer LBD for modesty or I could use it as a top over a black bra and/or cami with a skirt or slacks. So yes, I can go both ways with teddies.

  4. Rita/Cali,
    The same goes for a camisole , some women sleep in them , some wear them as underwear and now it also refers to outerwear . I love my satin camis under a blouse , sometimes for modesty and sometimes as an extra layer for added warmth .

    I’ll say it again , aren’t women lucky having so many choices .

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