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This one from Gwen is quite clever!

Editorial comment: One week late, my bad….

I’m going to blow your mind.  When I was 8 years old, we had little money so we’d have to improvise our costumes.  One year I wanted to be a mummy so I started to think.  Hmmmmm.  What can I use as a costume.  Can’t buy one. No money. Ahhhh… bed sheets. Perfect.

You may be thinking, “How’s Antie Gwen going to spin this?” And you’d be right.
Ready for Gwen-Speak?

What a Mummy Can Teach You About Career Development

Vampires and zombies may be the most popular monsters starring in hit TV shows and movies. However, history shows that mummies are a better source for career advice.
Sure, they’re well-preserved and make easy Halloween costumes as I discovered at 8 years old. They’re also part of the fascination that drew Napoleon to Egypt, and millions of museum goers to King Tut exhibitions. You may have admired their youthful looks and golden treasures yourself.

Now, you can consider what a mummy would tell you about how to succeed in the workplace. After all, before they were wrapped up in sheets, mummies had many responsibilities and goals like you. 

What Mummies Know about Branding

In some movies, you have to spend time figuring out which characters are drinking blood and eating brains. The mummies you can spot immediately. They may have limited wardrobes, but they’re experts when it comes to clear and consistent branding.
Keep these Mummy tips in mind:

1. Be authentic. Let your personality shine through. Accept yourself for who you are and develop a career that aligns with your values and principles.

2. Choose your audience. Where do you want to make an impact? Once you determine who would be interested in your work and who you would collaborate with, you’ll know where to promote yourself.

3. Learn to network. What use is your brand if you’re the only one who knows about it? Work at cultivating mutually supportive relationships. Look for ways you can help others by sharing your expertise, making introductions, and offering encouragement.

4. Grow your presence. Increase your visibility. Build a strong presence online and off by publishing content and attending events.

What Mummies Know about Listening

Vampires want to tell you sad stories about how they wound up undead, and zombies grunt a lot. Mummies understand that you sometimes need to be quiet and pay attention to what others have to say.  Mummies listed well.

Use these strategies:

1. Stay focused. Do you concentrate on what others are telling you, or are you busy thinking about what you want to say next? Work on your listening skills. Make eye contact, notice body language, and try to connect with others on a deeper level.

2. Let go of judgements. Be open to new information and other points of view. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and try to be helpful.

3. Ask questions. Maybe you need to clarify what is being said. Asking pertinent questions lets others know that you’re interested and helps you both to learn from each other.

4. Be patient. Listening skills will grow stronger with practice. Give yourself time to master new techniques. Start small by talking with friends and family and work your way up to dealing with your boss.

What Mummies Know about Boundaries

Most movie monsters will attack anyone who crosses their path. Mummies are much more reasonable. They don’t cause any trouble unless you ignore their warnings to leave their tombs alone.  Stay away or else…

These ideas will help you to set and maintain boundaries:

1. Communicate clearly. Speak tactfully and directly. Let your boss and coworkers know how you expect to be treated. Show them the same courtesy and respect that you want for yourself.

2. Set priorities.  Be realistic about what you can accomplish with your current schedule and resources. Identify the activities that are most meaningful for you. You may need to shorten your to do list by delegating or eliminating other tasks.

3. Maintain balance. Keep things in perspective, so your personal life stays on track too. Spend time with family and friends and take care of your overall health and wellbeing. 
Your career plan is an ongoing process that requires you to update your goals and take action to achieve them. While you’re reflecting on your path, you can find inspiration anywhere, such as from coaches, colleagues, and mummies.

Happy Hallow Weenie Time.

Gwen Patrone 



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