Wax On, Wax Off

Five years ago, I was never going out. Then I started going out, but I thought I would never go out in the summer, because with the wig (and I always wore pantyhose), it was simply too hot to do so.

Then I discovered summer dresses, and decided they were cute–and that I could wear spaghetti strap dresses and tops, bare boy shoulders or not. I also found out that having bare shoulders was a lot cooler, making the summer heat (it does get hot where I live–summer temperatures in the 90s are common) more manageable. 

On a shopping trip in mid-June, my GG friend Renee, with whom I generally have a back-and-forth texting conversation when Dee is out roaming around, said I should try something out of my comfort zone. I found it at Windsor, a halter style backless summer dress.

With more skin showing, I needed to up my hair removal game. I’ve tried shaving and using Nair on my back, but that is a hit-and-miss process (I am not that flexible trying to reach behind my back, which is an occasional issue when trying to reach around to zip up dresses).

I was texting my GG friend Michelle, who owns a salon (and who appears in these posts from time to time), and I asked whether she would have time to wax my back. As you can see, the answer was yes (she often refers to me as “Miss Savage”, as I often quote advice/sex columnist Dan Savage to her). The next I knew I had a text saying I had an 11 AM appointment for a back waxing.

I was just planning to go as the guy me but the stars aligned (meaning, my wife was out of the house) so I was able to get dressed up, and make a stop at Macy’s before my appointment. Tried on a few dresses, but no winners, and I left for Michelle’s salon.
Arrive, talk a bit, partially strip, and Michelle went to work. I’m not extremely hairy, but even with the standard allotment of back hair, waxing can be a bit painful. Warm wax applied, and then RIPPPPP! Repeat as necessary–and then Michelle has me turn over and does part of my chest, which raises the pain threshold a couple of levels. 

Yes, painful, but summer dresses are SO worth it. I tried on the black-and-white sundress, a gift (Hand-Dee-Down) from Michelle. The other sundress was a recent $2.50 find at a Goodwill. 

Later, after a bike ride and swim at my local Y, I took a back selfie to show my newly shorn back.

Now I just need to work on my tanning game.

3 thoughts on “Wax On, Wax Off”

  1. If I didn’t have my eyebrows done, I’d have a unibrow.

    Very brave to do the waxing.
    Going outside your comfort zone increased your comfort 😜😘🙃😉😄😃

  2. Dee,

    Congratulations. I take it this occurred some time ago. Any comments from your wife afterwards? It seems like it would be noticeable…thankfully, swimmers can get away with a lot in that department!


    1. It was mid-July (2021). My wife didn’t say anything.

      I’ve shaved my legs on and off for about the last five years (most of the time they are shaved). I shave my arms also, and the top of my chest. I’m not that hairy and the hair on my legs and arms tend to be pretty light, and because I am outdoors a lot I tend to be tan (a farmers/tennis tan) my skin is darker and my hairs tend to bleach out. So even when I do have stray hairs (and I do) they aren’t extremely visible.

      My wife just comments on the chest (because it tends to be prickly).

      The thing is, nobody notices the shaved legs or arms. I coach high school girls tennis and wear shorts and t-shirts all the time and they don’t notice. The guys I play tennis or golf with don’t notice.

      OK, almost nobody notices. I was at the dentist this past Monday, sitting in the chair, talking exercise with the hygienist. She says I can tell you are a runner/biker, and after I ask, she says because I shave my legs and a former boyfriend of hers who was a biker used to shave his legs. It obviously wasn’t a big deal to her, and I just said I did it for a race, had a good race, and it became a good luck charm.

      I didn’t mention I also shave them because I had been out dressed the prior three days.

      People just don’t care and don’t notice. Of course, spouses might, but on the whole, mine is pretty tolerant.

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