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Wax On, Wax Off

Dee-peat: Dee discusses some of the logistics of being us.

Five years ago, I was never going out. Then I started going out, but I thought I would never go out in the summer, because with the wig (and I always wore pantyhose), it was simply too hot to do so.

Then I discovered summer dresses, and decided they were cute–and that I could wear spaghetti strap dresses and tops, bare boy shoulders or not. I also found out that having bare shoulders was a lot cooler, making the summer heat (it does get hot where I live–summer temperatures in the 90s are common) more manageable. 

On a shopping trip in mid-June, my GG friend Renee, with whom I generally have a back-and-forth texting conversation when Dee is out roaming around, said I should try something out of my comfort zone. I found it at Windsor, a halter style backless summer dress.

With more skin showing, I needed to up my hair removal game. I’ve tried shaving and using Nair on my back, but that is a hit-and-miss process (I am not that flexible trying to reach behind my back, which is an occasional issue when trying to reach around to zip up dresses).

I was texting my GG friend Michelle, who owns a salon (and who appears in these posts from time to time), and I asked whether she would have time to wax my back. As you can see, the answer was yes (she often refers to me as “Miss Savage”, as I often quote advice/sex columnist Dan Savage to her). The next I knew I had a text saying I had an 11 AM appointment for a back waxing.

I was just planning to go as the guy me but the stars aligned (meaning, my wife was out of the house) so I was able to get dressed up, and make a stop at Macy’s before my appointment. Tried on a few dresses, but no winners, and I left for Michelle’s salon.
Arrive, talk a bit, partially strip, and Michelle went to work. I’m not extremely hairy, but even with the standard allotment of back hair, waxing can be a bit painful. Warm wax applied, and then RIPPPPP! Repeat as necessary–and then Michelle has me turn over and does part of my chest, which raises the pain threshold a couple of levels. 

Yes, painful, but summer dresses are SO worth it. I tried on the black-and-white sundress, a gift (Hand-Dee-Down) from Michelle. The other sundress was a recent $2.50 find at a Goodwill. 

Later, after a bike ride and swim at my local Y, I took a back selfie to show my newly shorn back.

Now I just need to work on my tanning game.


8 Responses

  1. If I didn’t have my eyebrows done, I’d have a unibrow.

    Very brave to do the waxing.
    Going outside your comfort zone increased your comfort 😜😘🙃😉😄😃

  2. Dee,

    Congratulations. I take it this occurred some time ago. Any comments from your wife afterwards? It seems like it would be noticeable…thankfully, swimmers can get away with a lot in that department!


    1. It was mid-July (2021). My wife didn’t say anything.

      I’ve shaved my legs on and off for about the last five years (most of the time they are shaved). I shave my arms also, and the top of my chest. I’m not that hairy and the hair on my legs and arms tend to be pretty light, and because I am outdoors a lot I tend to be tan (a farmers/tennis tan) my skin is darker and my hairs tend to bleach out. So even when I do have stray hairs (and I do) they aren’t extremely visible.

      My wife just comments on the chest (because it tends to be prickly).

      The thing is, nobody notices the shaved legs or arms. I coach high school girls tennis and wear shorts and t-shirts all the time and they don’t notice. The guys I play tennis or golf with don’t notice.

      OK, almost nobody notices. I was at the dentist this past Monday, sitting in the chair, talking exercise with the hygienist. She says I can tell you are a runner/biker, and after I ask, she says because I shave my legs and a former boyfriend of hers who was a biker used to shave his legs. It obviously wasn’t a big deal to her, and I just said I did it for a race, had a good race, and it became a good luck charm.

      I didn’t mention I also shave them because I had been out dressed the prior three days.

      People just don’t care and don’t notice. Of course, spouses might, but on the whole, mine is pretty tolerant.

  3. Dee,
    Always a problem with a wife/partner , it’s odd reaaly because they may not like male body hair but they soon notice when you don’t have any .
    I mad e a big mistake about coming out to friends over the problem with hair ( or a lack of it ). We were invited by friends stay with them in their holiday home in Alicante , by then my body was clean shaven which was sort of OK with my wife as she had accepted me going to trans meetings . I decided to send on Email with some pictures expaining why my body was hairless in case we went swimming , the couple appeared to be OK but my wife wasn’t amused when she found out . The outcome was we never went swimming because it turned out to be the coldest spell they’d had in years , if fact snow fell in the hills and lasted a few days .

    I have a friend who would be happy to wax me but I find shaving everyday isn’t a problem , those few minutes are well worth the effort .

  4. Dee,
    I have glaucoma and have eye drops that make my eye lashes and eye brow hairs grow. My eyelashes will somethings grab my eyebrow hairs and poke me in the eye. About ten years ago I got a free brow waxing at a Benefit Brow bar at Macy’s. So I did it. I was nervious (scared) sitting in the chair in a crowded Macy’s but I did it anyway. I have had my brows done there several times since. I currently have a brow package at European Wax Center and get my brows done when I start to fell the poke in the eye, about 3 – 4 times a year. Trimmed and shaped.
    Bicyclist wax their legs so that their hairs don’t get stuck in road rash when they fall. I need to tape my legs to do several of the activities I like to do and KT tape and hair don’t mix, so I get my legs waxed. I also have a leg package at EWC. The woman who usually waxes my legs is jealous since I now have less hair on my legs than she does. After 8 years, my hairs are now very thin and light color, so it looks like I have no hair all the time. Never had an issue with anyone.
    My latest wax package is for a Brazilian. I don’t like my hairs poking out from under my bikini. The first several times it was painful, but now its no problem.
    To wax or not is up to the individual thing. I don’t like stuble itch when you shave.

    1. Cali,
      I don’t have that problem for a couple of reasons , the first is by experiment I discovered shave creams and suitable razors that don’t create a problem and the second is not having stuble because I shave everyday . Again I’m told hormones might slow down and reduce hair growth but I’d have to have a greater need before I go down the road .

      1. Teresa,
        My hair can grow fast and I am lazy. I don’t want to shave everyday. I plan to lazer off my facial hair one of these days. I can shave in the morning and need a shave at dinner time. I accept the fact that ‘Cali’ is high maintenance. I enjoy a 3 hour mani/pedi once a month and waxing is just more maintenance.

  5. Cali,
    I admit I use quite a few disposable razors , usually two a week solely for my face but then pass them down to shave other parts of my body . Being fulltime the choices are more limited , I have considered alternative hair removal on my face but my system works for me . My close shave in the morning is followed by moisturiser and then the usual makeup of concealer , foundation and finishing powder with blusher if I’m going to be out and about ( not forgetting eye makeup and lipstick ), I don’t usually top that up unless I’m attending an evening function otherwise I find I’m OK till I head for bed at about 10.00pm .
    Being lazy isn’t a choice I can take , I know how quickly the guy can resurface and I prefer to be seen as Teresa .

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