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Travelogue – Erie Day Three

Such a wonderful experience!

The gala! November 19, 2022. The day Buffalo got buried and we caught the tail end of all of that. I may never, ever take a better selfie than the one to the left.

After a late evening (technically an early morning), I caught a few extra Z’s and then hit the fitness center. If you ever want to just get away, grab a few moments to yourself at one of these events, go to the fitness center. You will be all alone…..

I was blessed to be able to get away for a wonderful lunch with my dear friend, Gina. She is my sounding board, my sanity check, she grounds me and I love her for that. We sat at a local pub and basically without even trying, interacted with many, many patrons. I guess it helped that we sat near the Christmas tree (before Thanksgiving????).

It seems that I can never get away from that damn phone!

Beforehand I took a few photos near the Convention Center Christmas Tree.

Then it was time to get all dolled up and enjoy the gala! I do not have many stories, simply because I cannot remember anything specific. I do remember just being so happy to be around certain friends. It was a wonderful weekend and despite the weather, I was able to get wherever I needed to safely. Here is a photo montage of me and my “A” game!

Gina, Sherry, LynneLee and Ashley, you girls are the best!


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  1. Simply gorgeous, stunning, and beautiful ladies all around! I love your necklace and that one-shoulder dress is fantastic. This is the type of event I would make every effort to attend once in my lifetime.

  2. The two tone blonde wig looks so lovely on you
    That is such a great picture
    What a great time you had, thanks much for sharing

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