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Do you know you have more power than you realize?

Do you know you have more power than you realize?

As a transgender person, the possibilities that you possess are as yet untold. Begin to learn how to handle situations in a way that brings you success.


I’d like you to begin to understand the concept of your personal power in this piece today. Recognize that you are mighty. When you decide on a course of action, it creates an effect in the universe and causes a ripple effect so the universe an conspire in your favor. Yes, you are that mighty.

I prefer to see myself as having become enhanced. I have a super-power to see beyond gender stereotypes.  This allows me to see multi-layered aspects of the human experience. I appreciate more because I have a better understanding of what it’s like from the point of view of others. In business, I now have a much broader viewpoint with which to make decisions.


The power you have comes through the conscious manifestation of your desires. Your beliefs create your reality. If you believe that you are powerless, you become powerless.  Of course, the opposite is true as well.  What you believe and think about most, you become.

An opportunity to take action and affect your reality is created and put in motion by each thought you have. Now understand this, and choose your thoughts wisely.


You must also guard what you allow into your reality because outside influences can pollute your truth.  You must not give up your personal power to others.  People can not make you mad, sad or glad unless you allow it so.

Ask yourself…

1. When was the last time I felt more power than I thought possible?

2. How do I feel when I realize I have control over my life?

3. What part of my belief system does empowerment play in my life?

As you grow older, understand the power of your mind, but also accept that you can control every aspect of your life. 

Your choices and your actions are what create your results. Learn how to set goals and achieve those goals. 

The only possible reason you can fail is that you choose to give up on your dreams. Thus, choose the direction of your life and stay your course.


Thinking you have power and actually having the power to take action are two very different things. Focus on awareness of this fact in life. Action steps to bridge the gap between thinking and reality must be taken or the chances it will manifest in your life will be miniscule.

Today, be intentional in manifesting what your desires are in life and work to increase your awareness. As I mentioned in my writing yesterday, learn to love yourself first before loving others. 

Self-love breeds the most beautiful energy. 

This is your path.

Be Strong 💪 

Gwen Patrone 



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