It's Saturday, it's Gwen, it's time to think!!

When I really want something, I am UNSTOPPABLE!💪

I have both male👕 and female👗 energy inside of me.  Being the femme I endeavor to become is simply a matter of choosing to make it happen.

Today, I choose to TAP INTO the UNTAPPED potential of FEMME ENERGY inside of me.

I am a force of nature when I make up my femme mind. I am determined and can accomplish ANYTHING once I create a target for my time, focus, and energy.

Perseverance is my greatest quality.

I am able to continue forward regardless of the obstacles that stand in my way. I know there will be many. I’m prepared for every eventuality as they may arise.

I am able to persevere when others decide to call it quits. I am energized by the situations that overwhelm others and I am unstoppable once I make up my mind.

When I decide to do something, I do it 100%.  ALL THE WAY as my GF Serena Stephens says.

Why not make quitting is a foreign concept? I pride myself on finishing what I start. Challenging situations boost my motivation and enthusiasm. My enthusiasm is bulletproof.

Avoid wasting time on goals that fail to inspire you. Part of the secret to your success is that you should only set highly desirable goals. It is easier to be unstoppable when a goal is incredibly exciting.

Be committed to making progress and showing the world what it means to be unstoppable. You’ll feel determined, optimistic, and feel 100% unstoppable.

Ask yourself…

👉What am I most committed to accomplishing in my life?
👉What am I doing each day to accomplish those goals?
👉When am I most likely to quit?
👉If I were less likely to quit, how would that impact my life?
👉Who is the most unstoppable person I know?
👉What can I learn from that person?

By asking yourself quality questions, you have the opportunity to get quality answers.

Be Unstoppable.

Be Strong. 💪

Gwen Patrone


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