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It's Saturday, it's Gwen, it's time to think!!

When I really want something, I am UNSTOPPABLE!💪

I have both male👕 and female👗 energy inside of me.  Being the femme I endeavor to become is simply a matter of choosing to make it happen.

Today, I choose to TAP INTO the UNTAPPED potential of FEMME ENERGY inside of me.

I am a force of nature when I make up my femme mind. I am determined and can accomplish ANYTHING once I create a target for my time, focus, and energy.

Perseverance is my greatest quality.

I am able to continue forward regardless of the obstacles that stand in my way. I know there will be many. I’m prepared for every eventuality as they may arise.

I am able to persevere when others decide to call it quits. I am energized by the situations that overwhelm others and I am unstoppable once I make up my mind.

When I decide to do something, I do it 100%.  ALL THE WAY as my GF Serena Stephens says.

Why not make quitting is a foreign concept? I pride myself on finishing what I start. Challenging situations boost my motivation and enthusiasm. My enthusiasm is bulletproof.

Avoid wasting time on goals that fail to inspire you. Part of the secret to your success is that you should only set highly desirable goals. It is easier to be unstoppable when a goal is incredibly exciting.

Be committed to making progress and showing the world what it means to be unstoppable. You’ll feel determined, optimistic, and feel 100% unstoppable.

Ask yourself…

👉What am I most committed to accomplishing in my life?
👉What am I doing each day to accomplish those goals?
👉When am I most likely to quit?
👉If I were less likely to quit, how would that impact my life?
👉Who is the most unstoppable person I know?
👉What can I learn from that person?

By asking yourself quality questions, you have the opportunity to get quality answers.

Be Unstoppable.

Be Strong. 💪

Dr. Gwen Patrone


One Response

  1. Gwen,
    Your posts are always thought provoking , they make us question ourselves , what makes us tick .

    So the question is am I or was I unstoppable , perhaps we should set aside the gender issue to find the truth for a moment .
    Does it also raise the question are we a leader or a follower ? A good leader is only as good as a good follower we all have a place .
    Looking back even into childhood I often thought outside the box , the problem is as a child you would eithet be consdered slightly crazy or just odd . I still question if that part was driven by transgender influences , a male and female side taking my thinking in a different direction . The other big influence was having an overbearing father who preached , ” There’s no such word as CAN’T !” Influenced by that everything had to have a solution if you were prepared to see it through , failure wasn’t an option in his eyes . As a reult I questioned everything , I watched how others attepted jobs , often seeing there was a better way , I know I wasn’t the most intelligent person but I only needed to be shown something once before tackling it myself . I guess I was becoming unstoppable as a boy/young man but is that trait as applicable to a female ? At that time in the 60s-70s posibly not but then both genders lived more stereotyped lives , jobs were segrated more by gender and also financially , girls got married and had babies and were tied to the kitchen sink ! Thank goodness for all of us that situation has changed and how much it has made being transgender slip into society easier .
    Being as self employed photographer thinking outside the box helped earn better money , new ideas always pay at the same time I was using my ability to extend my homes , no job was impossible , I really was unstoppable working all hours . Yes there is a BUT , because I knew I was aso trying to bury the femme side , crossdressing happened but with layers of guilt , the male and female side were at war inside me . Sadly in my forties the unstoppable came to a grinding halt , my brain felt like bursting , I suddenly found I had no one to turn to and talk it through . The thought of being a woman felt like a failure , only a man could do what I’d done but it wouldn’t go away . That period was frustrating , I knew what I was capable of but I simply wasn’t functioning , counselling was confirming the revelation I initially feared but how can you build a new life when the people around you want the old life back .
    I’ve jumped twenty years to to the point where decisions had been made , the old me was fading into the background the new me was wanting the buzz and excitement of accepting what I truly was . Now in my seventies I’m not as unstoppable because the guy in me wore me out over the years , I still love the quote by Jan Morris when questioned replied , ” I and all of you have the best of both me ” .
    The need to finally change my name officially has been hard and frustrating , I want to travel and live as Teresa and now I have the passport and documents to prove it . I can’t wait to be the unstoppable force when I board the next cruise ship !

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